What do you think of Zuckerberg's announcement that Meta is laying off more than 11,000 employees? How does this affect the company's meta-universe strategy? - Cykapu

What do you think of Zuckerberg's announcement that Meta is laying off more than 11,000 employees? How does this affect the company's meta-universe strategy?

Because Meta (meta-universe) was originally Zuckerberg's arbitrary action, it was internally referred to as "MMH", or "Make Mark Happy" project by employees. Many employees disagreed with or did not understand this strategy, which cost a lot of money but achieved nothing. Now that the money is burning, Meta must downsize to survive.

As for why Meta is making such a big deal about the meta universe? That's because performance isn't good... As social media, Facebook is built on ads, but TikTok's arrival has attracted a lot of user attention. The latest news is that TikTok could make $10 billion in revenue by 2022 (excluding Tiktok). How much of the pie is being taken from Facebook, Twitter and Google? Including SnapChat and so on are not having a good time, have been taken away by short videos.

However, meta-universe can't save Meta, because meta-universe can't be said to be a subversive Internet application like short video and the Internet, and the integration of digital world and physical world is a process rather than a result.  Most of the people who say the concept of the meta-universe are fooling.

In addition, Musk has finally succeeded in acquiring Twitter. His ambition is to combine with wechat, TikTok and other platforms to provide one-stop Internet service platforms like mini programs, wechat payment, public accounts and video accounts. How much pressure is this on Facebook? If Facebook persists in its metacomverse, it could be replaced by Twitter or even become the next Nokia.

Just wait, Meta will soon face a barbarian (probably Musk) who wants to buy it, and Zuckerberg will probably be taken over. He doesn't have much time to mess around.

Given by thorns, the golden stone will open

The metaverse, of course, is a gigantic black hole. It's not that the black hole can't turn white at all, but that it's too early to intervene... Zuckerberg is the world's first, one foot in the ground, a huge loss of wealth, this is just the beginning. Today I'm going to prove the logic behind this black hole.

【 Difference of ecology 】

The metaverse, in essence, is about building a whole new ecosystem, aimed at the global human race.

This system is different from the current Apple ecosystem and Android ecosystem. Zuckerberg has a bigger appetite and a more open mind. He wants to eat! In the future, all human beings will be part of the metaverse, including Apple users, Android users, everything.

So the question is, where is the entrance to the metaverse?

For Zuckerberg, to rule the metaverse, he must first rule the portal. This entrance can only be a VR headset. Because mobile phones can only meet the convenience, temporarily unable to achieve immersive experience.

Therefore, Zuckerberg attaches great importance to the development of VR headset and naturally aims to be the "Apple of headset". Just as Apple controls the hardware of the phone, so it controls the entrance and the ecosystem. In the future, Zuckerberg will control the hardware of the headset, as well as the portals and ecology of the metaverse.

Unfortunately, all this is just imagination.

【 Difference of logic 】

The revolutionary product of smart phone is the Apple 4. This follows at least 30 years of mobile phone evolution. When the iPhone 4 came along, people's understanding of mobile phones changed completely. Mobile phones have gradually shifted from functional calls and text messages to all aspects of life. Then, online shopping online games what, only to have the infrastructure, to gradually rise the concept of the Internet ecosystem.

In other words, the adoption of hardware infrastructure comes first, and the maturity of the ecosystem comes later.

Zuckerberg's logic is the opposite. He was the first to change the name of the metaverse, first to change human understanding of the future ecology, and then to promote the development of headdisplay hardware.

He wanted to use his own research and development force to develop Apple - level headdisplay hardware. I think it is very difficult not to have experienced the great waves and decades of market competition.

If Zuckerberg can't single-handedly create phenomenal-level, monopoly-level products, he won't be able to create a portal to the metaverse ecology. There is no entrance, all the ecological concept, is to make other people's wedding clothes. What if, for example, Apple developed it first and got it into Apple's hands? How could Zuckerberg create his grand plan?

【 Different habits 】

Just as humans got used to the mobile ecology, suddenly there was a metacomverse ecology.

Just as humans get used to increasingly sophisticated phones, there's another heads-up.

Just as humans get used to using mobile phones to pass the fragmented time, suddenly there are more meta-universes.

Not knowing what to do is the embarrassment of the metaverse. At present, the metaverse does not effectively fill the human life, but to create a new set. And it's better to hide in your room, with your head on, and spend a lot of time rebuilding your other self... In this way, Zuckerberg's effort has evolved into changing human habits! However, why would humans want to expend energy in the metaverse when it is not clear exactly what it has to offer?

At present, the realistic ecology built by mobile phones is still being upgraded, and smart cars are the upgraded version of mobile phones. And humanoid robots, which are portals to a realistic ecology. In other words, the value of the real ecosphere has not been fully developed, and suddenly faced with the metaverse, the leap is too big and the acceptability is relatively low.

【 Difference of pain points 】

What exactly can the metaverse offer humanity? We have heard too much virtual, dopey, fantasy, also heard that diaosi can go into the counterattack, poor people can become rich... Were there any early movers? You can't get eyeballs from air-to-air!

What are the pain points of the metaverse? Where the hell are the people in need? It's not clear! Without solving the pain points in the market, there will be no rush. Without mobility, there can be no climate. Without climate, where does the player base come from...

In order for the metaverse to work, it's essentially a flow generator. For example, the low cost of short video can be realized, people will drill in. For another example, Singapore has a low tax burden and many rich people have emigrated. With a population of several million, hundreds of millions of people are queuing to enter the country. This is called generating flow. And the source of that traffic has to be something infinitely attractive.

Diaosi get the world, the meta-universe, it is best to start with diaosi! Cultivate a number of successful counter-attack models, and then there is the label of wealth and butterfly effect!

Make money, is always just need, as long as there is this possibility, do not worry about the flow, automatically can get up.

To sum up, it is better to do the hardware first than the ecology first! Figure out what the metaverse is. Does the hardware matter? If you get into the metaverse and you get rich, does it matter what headset you wear? Therefore, I think, if Zuckerberg does not change, it is inevitable that he will go darker and darker.