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What are Pop It Toys used for?

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Covid-19 weeks, a new toy will appear on my desk and reproduce like a new crown pneumonia. By summer, we had bought 10 different shapes, sizes and colors, and my son was trading them at school. He'll leave the house with a bang! Shaped like a hamburger, there is a small bag shaped like a unicorn bag when returning.

I want to know how a toy has changed from unknown to popular. Tiktok, which stars in a video about breast anxiety and teenage sex, has a wider background in this video about childhood anxiety and childhood boredom.

Theo immigrated from the Netherlands to Israel after World War II and married art teacher Ola. Ola will become the creative mind behind their company. The company released guess who Wait for the game?, This is a classic guessing game in the 1980s.

In the middle of 70s, her sister died of breast cancer and her breast was cut off. Olawants to bring his sister breasts back. She wants to create a game based on her vision. "Imagine a breast. You can press it from one side and then from the other side.

In 2018, Capone of Foxmind decided to make it into a game called last one lost and bring it to the market. Last one lost is a logic puzzle. The person who presses the last bubble on the chessboard will lose.

But until the game starts again under the influence of pop music! What stimulated this amazing growth? Virus video on tiktok.

A monkey is playing on tiktok.

The old campus network may take months or even years to popularize a toy. But social media makes the cycle go faster. If it's pop it! The influencer of this trend is an 8-year-old capuchin named gaitlyn Rae, who currently has 7.8 million fans on tiktok.

Last October, gaitlyn Rae's owner released a video in which she was playing a pop song! In the background of the spa sound, maintain subtle concentration when entering and leaving, and the labels include #asmr#relax and #sensoryplay. Bang! Just at Gatling's house, just like my children. Her owner Jessica Raschel told the BBC: "she was given pop music for her birthday... This is the first time we've seen them.

Are gadget toys really helpful to children?

Why is there this toy at this time? Experts tell me that when making popular toys, there will always be some alchemy - if there is an obvious formula, everyone will do so. But Ms. Appel of the toy association speculates that the potential anti anxiety aspect of pop music is it! It may make it a hot topic in the era of pandemic. She says many children use them in distance learning. "Especially during these times, they can calm down and they can appease," she said. "Even adults enjoy it."

I can personally prove that blowing these small bubbles in and out has a heartfelt sense of satisfaction; Sometimes I will pick up one while watching TV, which will keep my hands busy and make my brain feel quieter. But I wonder if there is any evidence that fidgety toys can actually help children relieve anxiety or help them focus on tasks.

Dr. Amaris Diaz, a clinical psychologist and clinical assistant professor at the Grossman School of medicine at New York University, said the evidence was mixed as to whether fidgety toys helped children who had difficulty concentrating in an academic environment. A study will show that children with ADHD use fidgety rotators in class and their ability to complete tasks will improve; Another study will show that if children are allowed to use fidgety toys, students will perform lower on math tests.

Dr. Diaz, who specializes in treating ADHD children, said that according to her experience, fidgety toys are unique to every child. She described two children who had the same diagnosis in her practice and chose a magic cube as an fidgety toy. A child can continue to answer her questions while playing with the cube; The other is completely immersed in the toy and can't understand any dialogue.

Of course, toys do not have to have the purpose of bringing happiness to children. I don't think either of my daughters will benefit from pop music! In the academic environment, they soon lose the glory of fidgeting or playing games. On the contrary, for my 8-year-old, pop music is like this! Become a bond for her new friends at summer camp. They fall in love by exchanging toys.