The new Viral fidget spinners, pop it toy

Hush...Did you hear that? Puff...puff...puff...puff...puff!
Remember the fingertip spinning top? The latest viral summer toy trend that appeals to children between the ages of 5 and 20 is a perfect combination of therapy and whimsy. NUTTY TOYS Popit Sensory Fidget Toy

Parents say their children are addicted to "popit" fingertip toys-brightly colored silicone, in various shapes, such as rainbows, unicorns, food or dinosaurs with pokeable "bubbles"-these toys are available on Amazon and It is widely sold in places such as Wal-Mart and sold in the market as a "relief agent."

Pediatricians, teachers, and therapists all confirmed that this spring, their patients and students began to appear with them in their offices and classrooms... and they did not stop. With the help of TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, a variety of irritable toys have swept the world and parents' wallets, especially colorful bubble gum, which is a bit like bubble paper with a colored silicone version.

"They are very soothing because children use papas to refocus and reset," she said. "Children like to collect them, as I often find these fashions, it really brings parents and children together Together."

"My kids love these," Mailer Chatelos confirmed, she is the mother of three boys from elementary to high school in Longwood, Florida. "Especially my middle child. This is a great tool for his anxiety." said Lisa Goldman, the mother of two college students from central Florida, who originally bought it during the COVID-19 pandemic. Of these toys. Now she put them in the basket on the coffee table. "High school students and college students never take them into my house!"

"They played with them while watching movies, chatting, etc. I bought some as graduation gifts because they liked them very much. When she found a popular keychain in the shape of an avocado this week, she reminded me of 1985 When I was 20 years old, I found a cabbage doll under the Christmas tree. I admitted that I didn’t understand the attraction. When I asked Lucy what it was, she said that pop music "helped me concentrate" and "distracted my attention." So I won’t bite my nails.”

But I suspect that, like most toy trends, it is the pleasure and collectibility of hunting that have driven her enthusiasm, which she said is also an important part of her.
Tell today’s parents that they will not necessarily help our children with their stress, anxiety or attention problems, but if our children believe they will do it, then they will. Research shows that fidgeting and moving exits can help people with attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder, Spannagel said, but there is no research on how these toys affect children and adolescents-they are similar to tools used in occupational therapy, but not quite. The same "I found in the clinic that this is the'sweet spot' between a fidgeting tool and a fidgeting toy, and this is also a sweet spot for every child," Spanager said. "I can have a child who will own these popular things and complete tasks in the classroom, or I can have a child who can't."

Pregnant nurses who are not vaccinated during pregnancy, and the unborn baby died after being infected with COVID-19. If the child believes that toys are helpful to them, Spanagel said, then it is half the battle. "This is anything you think," she said. "I think this is no different from two summers ago, when the fingertip spinner was the most fashionable collection."

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