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The 5 different kinds of water balloon

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One of the best summer games is of course water fights, and water balloons have become an essential toy in hot weather, including pool parties. water balloon

There are 5 types of water balloons on the market

1. Self-filling water repeatable water balloon (new version)

Advantages: It can be automatically filled with water in the swimming pool or pool, no need to run far to connect the faucet, and it can be recycled without causing plastic waste. It doesn't hurt to hit someone, but it will definitely make the other person soaked.

Disadvantages: haven't found it yet.

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2. Zuru water balloon

Advantages: It can be filled with 20 water balloons at a time, which is convenient and fast.

Disadvantages: full of water, not so easy to remove from the plastic rod. It hurts to hit people, the balloon is not so easy to burst, and it is easy to create a pool of toy garbage, which is not friendly to the environment.

3. Double layer water balloon

Advantages: Reusable and not easy to damage.
Disadvantages: It is more troublesome to fill with water, it takes a long time to wait, and it is also very painful to smash people.
4. String water balloon

Advantages: good scalability
Disadvantages: easy to damage, and a long time to absorb water.

5.Traditional balloons filled with water

Pros: Inexpensive
Disadvantages: It is difficult to fill water, create garbage, and it is easy to smash and hurt people