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Nord Stream Pipeline sabotage Finds 3 leaks, World war on the horizon?

This is the most important event since the outbreak of the war, even more serious than the war in Kharkiv, after this incident, the room for appeasement between Russia and Western European countries has been infinitely reduced, compromise between the two sides is technically impossible.

The fact that the two leaks occurred within a day of each other, in close proximity, and at about the same time makes it highly likely that the explosions were caused by human activity rather than an accident.

The immediate effect is, of course, Germany's energy woes and gloomy economic outlook. Since Germany is the locomotive of Europe, this would be a big blow to CEE countries as well. The first disadvantage of German industrial decline is the eastern European countries that serve German industry. If Party A is gone, what will Party B eat? But it is not surprising that this is the natural awakening process of willfulness and arrogance.

The real sadness of this is that it begins to touch on a key taboo: the assumption of peace has been broken.

Nord Stream 2 is just a representation, a representation that "as long as there is peace in the world, it can work".

When you think about it, how many major projects in the world are built on the assumption that the world will remain largely peaceful?

Is the Anglo-French tunnel, for example, also considered feasible on the assumption that no country should want to blow it up in bad faith?

Undersea fiber-optic cables and cables connecting all continents and islands,

Cross-sea Bridges and tunnels,

Cross-regional transmission networks,

Trans-european and Trans-Asian railways,

The Suez Canal, the Panama Canal and even the Bosphorus,

All kinds of nuclear power plants,

All sorts of water facilities not considered for possible bombing.

The Nord Stream 2 bombing, at this scale, was not an attack by an individual or a civilian terrorist group, but by a state.

If it's a state, it's now been proven that the state can do this level of aggression if there's this level of revenue.

So long as the situation becomes so necessary to it, it could destroy all the major facilities within its capabilities.

The real question raised by this episode is how the global economy can now operate under the assumption that these big projects are unreliable.

What if these undersea fiber-optic cables, transmission networks, international logistics routes... Can't be trusted, so how can these risks be hedged and balanced?

Either way, there is a cost - the cost of protecting against these risks will have begun before they occur.

Who will ultimately bear the cost?

The real, most personal impact of this on each of you is in fact the enormous additional cost of insurance spread over many layers.

It will cost raw materials, freight, shipping insurance, security costs... These forms are dissolved in all products and services, and are ultimately borne by everyone.

If these major projects benefit everyone, then they are threatened and everyone has to pay.

There's no escape for any of them.

That's what's really big about this.

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