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How to work efficiently under pressure?

Not falling under pressure, or even making progress, I think it has something to do with the way I handle stress.

First, be sure to get the definition of stress. Yes, this is not nonsense, must figure out the definition of stress, the essence of stress is that something extremely important to you, the reaction of being threatened, that is, when you feel stressed, is definitely something is threatened, what is that thing? Be sure to lift it out and find it clearly and understandably. Once you find it out, you will find that your ability to persevere soars. The reason many people cower under pressure is that they only see the unsuitability, the torment, that pressure brings, and forget that behind the pressure is something that we genuinely want to guard.

The importance of meaning, the exploration of it is a bit philosophical, as a psychological practitioner should not have said this, but meaning is really the source of our motivation, find the meaning behind the stress, find what is extremely important to us, we will be able to persist very well. You can do an experiment, straighten your arm, let a person pull your arm down, you try your best to fight, as long as the disparity is not too large, the arm is quickly pulled down, but if you think in your mind, your arm pointing to a certain location, which is very difficult to pull down, this experiment is very simple, you can try. This is the role of focus, if we deliberately to fight the pressure, we see all kinds of pressure, of course, is painful and difficult mostly, but we focus to want to guard things, you will find that your resilience, your persistence, will exceed your expectations.

When you feel stressed, take out a piece of paper and a pen and ask yourself the question, what is the treasure behind the stress? This is the heart and soul of all the methods below.

Second, organize the brain when we feel stressed, especially too much stress, usually the brain will become a paste, the reason for the mess is too much stuff in the brain: work to do, things to worry about, unfinished things, inexplicable anxiety, and so on, the brain is stuffed with all kinds of things, you know, our brain resources are limited, our working memory is only a few, the brain is stuffed with so many things, either stuck With so many things in the brain, it will either get stuck or go down. So, when you feel great pressure, you must take a piece of paper and pen again, and of course there are many apps, pour out that pot of porridge in your brain, rearrange it, sort out all kinds of relationships, is not now think about it, you feel refreshed, when you pour things out, you will be even better. Many times, stress is from the brain indigestion.

Third, aerobic exercise to see me write here, do you think I'm crazy, do you want to X out of answering, but, as I said before, we must look at things and consider the secondary effects of things, consider the interactions between things, and consider them in a systemic perspective. Running is also, running is a positive emotional intervention, running can secrete happy factor, can sweep away stress and other negative emotions, and, there is a survey shows that running increases the flexibility of thinking and quality of thinking, that is, running, but once you stop, will also immediately disappear. Many people run to lose weight, the body is good, the good habit of running is no longer, I run to reduce stress, for the flexibility of thinking, so, so far last year, running is the best exercise I adhere to, and then, I recovered the body before going to college. If there is pressure, then go run a few kilometers, if there is still, then run a few more kilometers, this is my way to reduce stress, at present, I have almost been able to impact the half horse, suddenly can understand, Haruki Murakami is how to start running the full horse, with the current pressure of the great, I estimate, next year can impact the full horse.

A psychologist launched an appeal, that in order to achieve lasting happiness, we must start a "revolution below the neck", that is, exercise, in an intellectually intensive society, we pay too much attention to thinking above the neck, cognitive training, but neglected the exercise below the neck, but the body is the capital of happiness ah!

Fourth, the switch of stress thinking about stress, we have two views, one is that stress is harmful, one is that stress is a resource, of course, the vast majority of people have both, the key is to favor which end, psychologists want to know, change the concept of stress, what will be the impact?

Psychologists designed an experiment for this purpose, they prepared two videos about stress, one video about the study of stress is beneficial, and one about the study of stress is harmful, both videos are based on real research, they are correct, each video is designed to stimulate volunteers to a certain view of stress, that is, stress is good, or bad. The volunteers were divided into two groups, one group watched only one video and placed both groups in the same stressful situation, after which the saliva of both experimental groups was tested. The ratio of DHEA to cortisol is known as the growth index of stress response, and a high growth index, meaning more DHEA, helps people rise to the occasion under stress, be more persistent, more resilient, and perform better. Psychologists wanted to know if changing volunteers' perceptions of stress could change the ratio of stress hormones?

The study showed that it really could. The video had no effect on cortisol levels, which were similar in both groups, but the group that saw stress as a resource released more DHEA and had a higher growth index! This experiment shows the true impact of beliefs, positive beliefs bring about positive changes, but with stress, we develop negative beliefs about stress over time, and these beliefs become more and more of a barrier to coping with stress! We must slowly develop the belief that "stress is a resource". Here is a simple thinking intervention: when we feel stress, such as physical tension, rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, we try to say to ourselves: the body is actively preparing for the next thing, stress is a resource for me to integrate. This simple, deliberate self-talk can tilt our beliefs about stress toward "stress as a resource" - how quickly can this change?

The University of Rochester conducted a pre-test intervention in which one group of students was encouraged to use traditional stress management strategies of relaxation, breathing, and encouragement to relieve tension, while the intervention group was encouraged to embrace their anxiety and say to themselves "I'm excited" and that the stress response is the body's way of helping us perform better, and the control group did nothing. Stress hormones were analyzed by collecting saliva samples from the students before and after the test and found that the thinking intervention did not reduce the stress response, but that the students who received the thinking intervention had a significant increase in scores and that stress facilitated performance, whereas in the traditional stress management group and the control group, stress hormones were not associated with performance. This kind of thinking intervention has immediate effect, and when it persists, it creates a mindset that stress is a resource. Once this mindset is developed, it is like a snowball that will have a continuous, comprehensive, butterfly effect, where stress is no longer something to be avoided, but a booster that drives our growth. Thinking changes, you open a new door.

Fifth, the skills of stress without saying stress techniques, you may really want to hit me, I do use the following regulation skills, but I personally think that the above is the fundamental, the above is done, these regulation skills to really work.

1, bottom line thinking. Still with a piece of paper and a pen, write down the worst case scenario, and then ask yourself, if the worst thing happens, you can accept it? If you can accept it, the pressure will instantly be much less. The unknown and uncertainty will amplify the stress, just like what is often said in the stock market, the boots are the scariest until they hit the ground, and this method can perfectly solve this extra psychological stress.

2, tomato work method. Feel the pressure, with the idea of escape, set a tomato for yourself, say to yourself, do not expect, and do not need to have any progress, just do it, will be liberated from their obsession with the results, please the pressure of the results, often can make progress without error;

3. Breathing meditation. When feeling stressed affects the work, stop and do a few groups of breathing meditation, that is, the body relaxed, betting on the attention to the breath, exhale when meditating on the exhale, inhale when meditating on the inhale, practice a few groups, not only can relax the body and mind, the key is to break us out of the stress, not to be enveloped by stress. Speaking of meditation, I'd like to extend it by talking about breathing. The stress response is useful when we are in danger, helping us to integrate our resources and cope with threats, but in everyday life, we do not encounter substantial threats, and the stress response brought about by evolution is a bit of an overreaction, but the stress responses themselves are not controllable, they are automatically controlled by sympathetic nerves, but breathing can, especially deep breathing, be effective in calming the stress response, and according to the theory of self-attribution When we feel calm in our body, we naturally think that everything is OK and the stressful emotions then subside.

Therefore, I recommend that you deliberately practice proper breathing in your life, i.e. abdominal breathing, slow and deep breathing, which is not only recommended by yoga, but also commonly recommended by psychology to effectively improve the quality of life. That's all there is to say about working effectively under pressure. When under pressure, we naturally hope that the pressure can be less, or even no pressure, but if we can step out and take a broader view of life, we will find that the most wonderful memories of life, the fastest growth, is often the most stressful moments, pressure, we have no choice, but can choose how to treat it, we not only want to make the pressure in the future memories of good, but also make it in the beautiful here and now.

We do have that ability if you can try the fidget toy at the same time.