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How to tell the story about easter to children?

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Every April, I start to worry about my child's tooth decay.

Because, there is a very important festival in April, Easter Easter. Rabbit eggs and carrot-shaped chocolate seem to fall from the sky.

The atmosphere of Easter is naturally fresh and sweet, full of bunnies, colored eggs, chocolate, and children wearing Easter hats to school. Children and adults are happy and peaceful.

However, I have had several questions for a long time.

1. Since Jesus was resurrected, why is it called "Easter"? This word has nothing to do with the meaning of resurrection?

2. Why have rabbits?

3. Why do rabbits have eggs? Are rabbits not mammals?

I went to Google and found a lot of articles about the real origin of Easter. It turns out that Easter is not mentioned in the Bible, because the festival existed 2,000 years before the advent of Christianity. And there are several versions.

legend one

There is a spring goddess, I don't know what to teach, called Eostre, which sounds a bit like Easter.

One day in the harsh winter and twelfth lunar month, EOSTRE accidentally rescued a bird that was frostbitten by frost. The goddess was merciful, and in order to keep the bird through the cold winter, she turned it into a rabbit.

Yes, a Rabbit Eating Grass

Since this rabbit was originally a bird, it retained the ability to lay eggs, in order to thank the goddess for her life-saving grace. The rabbit gave birth to an egg, drew a picture on the egg, and gave it to the goddess.

Later, the rabbit became the Easter Bunny, and the eggs it laid became Easter eggs.

So that's about it.

Yes, I am also full of question marks, this really has nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus.

legend two

In ancient Babylon, there was a goddess in charge of war, love and unspeakable things called Ishtar, which means Easter. She and the sun god Baal had a son named Tammuz, who likes rabbits very much.

One day Tammuz was killed by a wild boar while hunting. The goddess was very angry and asked everyone to hold a grand celebration in honor of her son, the first Sunday after the full moon after the vernal equinox. I also want everyone to eat cruciform buns during worship, remember that nursery rhyme Hot Cross Buns.

Ishtar's look is a bit hideous

OK, the rabbit problem is solved. What about eggs?

legend three

It was the same family, the sun god Baal, who one day learned that he had a younger sister named Astaroth, who also sounded like Easter. Then this little sister is magically about to be born in a swan egg. Yes, you read that right, a swan egg. Baal went to the grass to look for the swan eggs, and finally found them, holding them tightly in his arms. So how do you get your sister to be born?

Baal decided to hatch the eggs by himself, because he was a god, so he successfully hatched a rabbit.

Then the rabbit grew up, the female college changed eighteen times, and the rabbit grew into a beautiful woman.

From a swan egg to a rabbit and then to a beautiful woman, Astaru lives with his brother Baal.

So Easter is the day to commemorate the birth of the legendary beauty Yasta Road.

There is a literature saying that Ishtar and her son are very loving, if Ishtar is Yastar Road, it means that the sister fell in love with the brother and gave birth to the son and fell in love with the son. It's a bit messy, and I can't react very well.

Now the question is, I have to think about which answer to take.

The legends two and three obviously cannot be told to children.

I only can chose legend one and give him a easter gift.