How to completely relax and unwind under long-term stress? - Cykapu

How to completely relax and unwind under long-term stress?

1. clear stressors, looking for ways to avoid or reduce stress. For example, if my stress comes from a certain job, I will ask for a transfer with the leader.

2. exercise.

3. meditate.

4. choose ways to relieve stress according to your personality characteristics: social support, travel vacations, reading, music.

5. go for counseling if needed.

The above are the effective ways I have tried to relieve stress, which greatly helped me to get out from the huge work pressure and anxiety and depression, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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The most effective ways to relieve stress in daily life when you are depressed: 1, exercise or participate in sports activities; 2, read; 3, listen to music; 4, get along and talk with friends and family; 5, massage; 6, go for a walk; 7, meditation or yoga; 8, develop creative hobbies.

And the most ineffective ways to relieve stress: 1, gambling; 2, shopping; 3, smoking; 4, drinking; 5, overeating; 6, playing games; 7, surfing the Internet; 8, watching TV or movies; The most effective way to relieve stress is not to release dopamine in the body, but to increase the brain's mood-improving chemicals serotonin, aminobutyric acid, or oxytocin, which makes people feel good. Dopamine excites people, but at the same time the prolonged search for stimulation of dopamine production makes it increasingly difficult to excite the reward and punishment areas of the brain, requiring greater amounts of dopamine stimulation.