How to become a strong person inside? - Cykapu

How to become a strong person inside?

The answer is very simple, discard. Abandon what? To leave everything behind to have true freedom.

The Man is a species born alone.

DNA is the best evidence of this.

In this society, becoming a member of the masses seems to be the fastest path to happiness, and even if you are in a bad situation, you can comfort yourself that there are so many people like you, and there must be others who are in a worse situation than you. This psychology is commonly called 'the bottom of the pile to pull a back.

Because at the same time as others, people will cast a reckless direct look at you, or unintentional secret peeps. You are like being suddenly pushed to the center of the stage, being spotlighted, at the mercy of the four sides of the spectators pointing, commenting.

This feeling will undoubtedly be unsettling, making you want to immediately rush off the stage, back into the darkness.

But it's not that important.

Because there is nothing to be pointed out.

Your job doesn't represent you.

Your bank balance doesn't represent you.

Your interests don't represent you.

The money in your wallet, the bank card does not represent you.

Clothes do not represent you.

These external things are not irreplaceable.

Only you.

Your heart is unique in the world.

All of us come and go naked on the road of life.

We all go alone.

Friends, lovers, relatives.

The people we don't want to leave behind.

They are just passers-by on the road.

Just a ride together.

When we reach the fork in the road, we have to say goodbye to them.

Continue the long journey of life.

In this world.

No matter who or what.

There is nothing that we cannot have.

There is nothing that we can never lose.

It is because we know in our heart that we can lose anything.

That's why we try our best to do everything well.

Cherish every person you meet.

Seeing through the world and abandoning everything at the same time

What comes is a sense of transparency, as well as a strong heart that is invulnerable to drugs and guns, but still faces life with a smile, rather than a sense of world-weary or weary of life.

My blood is still hot, my love is still deep, my heart is still soft.


I would like to sing a song.

I'm not free to return to my home, but to come and go as the wind is free.