How do you start writing a full-length novel?

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My dad is an author who was in prison for 6 years, during which time he wrote 4 full-length novels, which have been published one after another, and are quite good, and generally bestsellers, so I'll tell you how he started writing full-length novels:
Because of an unthinkable case he went in for a walk, the third day he went in he began to write, handwriting is not forced by the environment, in fact, there are computers inside can occasionally type (of course, to queue up), but he felt that only pen and paper will not prevent him from thinking, his father learned to draw, he set up the characters simply put the clothes they wore and their demeanor are drawn out, so that in the long creation will not be forget what they looked like. He also wrote out briefly the structure of the story and the relationship between the characters that he initially came up with. He lived a regular life, often took walks to meditate, and carried a pen and paper with him to write out whatever came to his mind immediately.

There was a lack of materials in the prison, so we communicated with the prison many times before agreeing to send in novels and historical materials, and of course, the secret compartment manuscript paper he was used to using, and more than 40 books were sent in one after another. He used to write educational tutorials, and his studies had nothing to do with writing. When he came back, he threw all his clothes, supplies, phone cards, and luggage inside or gave them to other people, and took home two sacks of books and 4.9 million words of manuscripts.

[Listening to stories]
You know, ah, the people inside always have stories. Dad's daily life - eating and listening to stories, group activities and listening to stories, organizing activities on New Year's Eve and listening to stories, survivability lectures and listening to stories - fortunately, the family's conditions were still manageable, and Dad could buy the masters of the story a meal ticket and cookies --Listen to the story. All of these stories are in novels, but the prototype for the heroine of all the novels is my mom.

[A Reason Why It Had to Be Written]
Initially, the original intention must be to kill the lonely time, to distract from the huge consequences of this stupid incident, to pretend to be in prison, to be a bit good at something so that I don't have to be called to do labor, and most of all, once he called me and said - I really want to write this story, I can't survive if I don't write it out. I can't survive without it. To this day I don't know what that means. As well as the fact that the publication of four books, in fact, the publisher was interested in another book, but Dad said that the book was not what he originally wanted, so it was not published.

You know. Eat fragrant drink spicy have network have cell phone have movie have TV have family and friends have wine and food can sing billiards drink tea string door at night with his wife to roll to the bookstore there are thousands of books for you to pick out of the door to the left can rent a dish to take the phone will be able to shake a nearby people to watch the video hair paragraph - who still sit at the table to climb the grid ah. At least he came back so far have not moved the pen again ~ he is now simply happy, a publisher to find him happy, published happy, reprinted happy, get paid happy, a director to find him adapted TV series happy, a stranger to find him autographs happy, in the bookstore to see his own book was placed on the bestseller cabinet happy, on the plane someone read his book he asked for their opinion of the farting and met with blank stares also happy. But on the third day of his incarceration, he was so disheartened that he took out a pen and paper, intending to write a full-length novel, even though he'd never written one before, and when he wrote the first word, he definitely hadn't thought about all of the rest of it. At that time, it was just [a mind without thoughts].

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