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2022 Qatar World Cup is here, what are the things to watch out for?

The Qatar World Cup will kick off tonight, busy to say some of the things to see in this World Cup, to new and old fans and friends to point the way. After all, this World Cup is a new experience for anyone, I've been watching football for so many years, and it's the first time I've watched the World Cup in winter.

The players are affected a lot, half of the league play was caught to the national team to play the World Cup, the preparation time is so short. Many players are also injured, such as Senegal's Mane, Germany's Reus and France's Benzema. Forget about it, talk about a few points to watch in this World Cup.

1, the curse

Usually, the opening game of the World Cup is generally not good, and generally not so good. But the opening game of the Qatar World Cup is still quite interesting, because from 1930 to 2018, in the entire history of the World Cup, the host's first game has not lost, the record is 15 wins and 6 draws. But this record, which has held for a little over a hundred years, is not sure if it will continue. Because Qatar is the first host that has never entered the World Cup, it is also considered the "weakest host ever", facing the South American powerhouse Ecuador ...... hahaha. In fact, I don't really believe in "curse ".

Everything is possible on the soccer field, if there are rules to follow, then what's the point of playing? Find a bunch of mathematicians to calculate the probability on it. But then again, some things are really evil, the last three consecutive World Cup, the defending champion Italy, Spain and Germany all in the next group stage after the home, so now the pressure comes to the French side. Before the World Cup, the French team is not at peace, a rumor that Pogba asked a witch to curse Mbappe, a moment Mbappe and the French Football Association, coupled with Kante's injury absence, today Benzema also regretted the injury, feel that the French team things are not good, but their group it is not bad ...... However, Pogba's injury retirement although weakened part of the strength, may also reduce the possibility of locker room conflicts, for the French team is not necessarily a bad thing, as to whether the French team can break the curse, and so play up we will see.

2, messi vs ronaldo fight

Not surprisingly, this is the last World Cup of Messi and ronaldo, around these two people for more than a decade of controversy may be determined in this winter, of course, this depends on the final results of Argentina and Portugal. Argentina's team is in good shape, Scaloni's team has been undefeated for 36 games, only 1 game short of Italy's record of 37 consecutive international matches without defeat, Messi, Di Maria's form is also well maintained. Portugal's lineup this time is also good , ronaldo gave an interview some time ago. The reporter said, if Portugal and Argentina into the final, you and Lionel Messi have scored two goals, the last moment you scored a kill, hold the World Cup ...... ronaldo heard himself happy, said he did not dream of such a thought, if Portugal can hold the Hercules Cup, he does not care whether he has scored, if the reporter said this way to hold the Cup, he will retire in place. He will retire where he is. Hey, it is said that youth but a few World Cup, it seems to be a turn of events, they two people have reached the end of their careers, if they can really appear at the same time on December 18 in the Lucerne Stadium ...... dare not think, dare not think ah

3, farewell

World Cup certainly does not belong only to Messi and C Luo, but also belong to Modric, Suarez, Cavani and even Neymar. The familiar names will also complete the curtain call for the World Cup in Qatar. I've been watching football for so many years, I'm used to being ushered in, I don't know how many players have watched from youth to maturity, from the fledgling youngsters to turn around and say goodbye to the field, but every time I encounter this kind of thing or inevitably some sadness, probably older. In fact, for us ordinary fans, or put aside those off-field factors, enjoy their performance, after all, not much left for them to play.

Football Game Toy

4, technology and hard work Speaking of wait and see, I thought of one more thing, now the soccer game in the "black technology" is really more and more. I remember from the 02 "flying star", said what technology and materials are used to increase the flight speed of the ball, but also to make the ball's flight path become diverse, at that time I thought, you have considered the feelings of the goalkeeper? The last few World Cups, from goal-line technology to video assistant referee (VAR), may take into account that VAR also has limitations, such as the face of some body hair offside when it is not good judgment, so this Qatar World Cup and get a semi-automatic offside recognition technology (SAOT). It is said that there are 12 special cameras on the top of each stadium, tracking the soccer and players on the field, sending data at a frequency of 50 times per second, and these data are analyzed by the artificial intelligence system, which can determine whether offside in a few seconds. And after the referee has finished calling the penalty, SAOT will also generate 3D animated images to be played on the big screen in the field and on TV ...... Good guys, it's getting more and more advanced, sounding like a science fiction movie, knowing that it's playing a soccer game, not knowing that it's playing a real life soccer game, this is the real technology and ruthless work. All right, anyway, the World Cup is about to begin, the above mentioned these points of view, groove or suspense, will be revealed one by one by then.