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Witch Wizard Hat Potters Sorting Hat Leather Props Movies Hogwarts Witchcarft Hat Cosplay Costume Accessories

Witch Wizard Hat Potters Sorting Hat Leather Props Movies Hogwarts Witchcarft Hat Cosplay Costume Accessories

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Fashion Witch Wizard Hat Sorting Hat

height : about 40cm

Harry potter magical hat
Witch Wizard Hat Potters Sorting Hat Leather Props Movies Hogwarts Witchcarft Hat Cosplay Costume Accessories
It is up to the branch cap to determine which college is suitable for the student

And for the student's personal wishes, the branch cap will take into account, and I think is not a point that the branch cap is overly important.

Hermione, very smart, the typical school bully. Ravenclaw will certainly be considered, the Eagle Academy's criteria is not smart, witty, but wisdom. We can look at Luna, Rowling shaped her as an irrational Hermione, and I think this is the person with extremely strong Ravenclaw traits, suggesting Harry to ask the ghost to find the crown that the living have not seen, to answer the circular first chicken first egg question. Luna, who is also not afraid to take risks, also has the goodness of Hedgepuppy as seen in the small details between her and Harry. Her Quidditch commentary is also not interested in vulgar things like scores, that may be for the Branch, more than the will of the Branch hat. And the last thing we remember is Luna's dreamy voice and surprising wit.

Neville, rather than wanting to go to Hetch Hetchy, thought he would go to Hetch Hetchy. He longed to inherit something from his parents rather than hold powerlessly to sugar paper, but at first he was too timid and felt too much like he was letting people down. The branch cap sorted him into Gryffindor. And indeed? Neville really has a different kind of courage, as Dumbledore said: it also takes courage to stand firm in the face of your friends. Then it was put down ...... in the face of Bogart, he needed to let Snape wear his grandmother's clothes, he needed to remember two people he feared at the same time, and finally succeeded in casting the spell. And Hermione and Molly have the experience of facing their fears head on and failing. Facing the professor, grandmother's reprimand, facing Bella, Voldemort, but also can try to fight. Harry became a Gryffindor because he has been fearless and courageous sacrifice against the enemy; Neville became a Gryffindor, more because he faced his fears and faced his friends. This is also a Gryffindor sword approved trait. Neville interfered with the judgment of the House Dividing Hat because his childhood was really not Gryffindor, Neville was also very not Gryffindor at first, even after entering Hetch Hetchy, can also live as a mundane wizard. But the precinct cap bet to him the future, and bet on the right child in this prophecy.

Wormtail, to be honest there are too few descriptions I find it hard to go into the explanation. I'm not sure if the branch cap will make a mistake. But Wormtail, as a Gryffindor, after all, is a predator. In the night with the werewolves in the night; as Gryffindor, after all, is serving the Death Eaters of the Order of the Phoenix spy, facing the Marauders, Moody, and even Albus, the fear of Voldemort to also give him extraordinary courage; as Gryffindor, he is the first to find the lost Voldemort; as Gryffindor, the last last choice to let Harry go and himself choked to death by the Silver Hand. I dare not say he really is Gryffindor, perhaps he really was a bloodthirsty boy, just over a decade of rat days.

As for Harry, we assume that there is no protagonist halo this wonderful setting. The branch cap chose Slytherin and Gryffindor, the snake yard in addition to the bloodline this force majeure, the importance of ambition and the sense of protection, and Harry does not have ambition, his only status-related ideals, is to be an Aurore; he also does not self-preservation, because he really does not know what the school rules are. And he, as a Gryffindor, always showed fearless courage and hot-blooded recklessness. Perhaps then buried the soul weapon's ambush. Honestly the heir of the resurrection stone and the heir of the invisibility cloak so imagined also makes sense. Branch cap saw the shadow of Voldemort, of course, he really achieved some kind of glory. And only when it is difficult to distinguish between the traits of the two houses, personal will will come into play; and when the single house traits, it is difficult for the student's will to come into play.

Branch cap: It's hard, very hard. Are you Neville Longbottom?

Neville: I am ......

Branch Cap: Yes, it's hard, but you will be Neville Longbottom after all.

Branch Hat: It's hard, very hard. Are you Harry Potter or Mystique?

Harry: I'm Harry Jaime Potter.

Branch Hat: Maybe so, Harry Jaime Potter.

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