What to make of Musk's decision to eliminate free Twitter lunches, saying meals cost $13 million a year?

What to make of Musk's decision to eliminate free Twitter lunches, saying meals cost $13 million a year?

There's no such thing as a free lunch. If there was one, I'd cancel it -- Elon Musk has gone from firing the board of directors, to laying off half of Twitter's staff, to killing off Twitter employees in India, and now to canceling lunch for the remaining employees who haven't been laid off.

Why, many wondered, would Musk do this? The reason is simple, the capitalists have no surplus food. The explosion of inflation in the US was accompanied by a severe debt crisis for Twitter, which posted a net loss of $220 million on revenue of $5.08 billion in 2021. In addition, Twitter has failed to turn a profit in five of the past seven years. The current profit model of Twitter is very problematic, so Musk launched Blue v certification, subscription service and other new projects, but so far there is no obvious effect.

If you can't save money, you have to tighten your belt, so you have to lay off people, and now you have to cancel lunch to save money. In fact, the reasons for the layoffs of big Internet technology companies such as Meta and Twitter are all similar. The demographic dividend of the Internet has gradually disappeared, and the era of increment has gradually shifted to the era of stock.

In the dividend period of the incremental era, everyone is very optimistic, metaverse, virtual reality, blockchain and other concepts, telling good stories can burn investors' money at will. However, in the stock era, the growth of traffic has been saturated, and the traditional flow thinking is no longer useful. The most important thing is to survive smoothly in the stock game. In the past, programmers in Dachang were just like migrant workers, who were responsible for building land infrastructure and housing, and then they didn't need to take care of it after they built it. Now programmers are soldiers, who need to fight on the battlefield and seize other people's territory and users' time. After all, everyone has limited time, so the more you use your App, the less you use other apps.

Those employees who are still thinking about being migrant workers and can't fight or seize other people's territory will be eliminated naturally.
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