The results of the referendum in Donetsk and other four places in Russia were announced, and cykapu will donate $1 from each order to the Ukrainian government

As a result of the referendum, all four states voted overwhelmingly to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. This is the result everyone can expect. For Ukraine, it is absolutely impossible to accept.

For Russia, it is to find a reason to annex the territory.

After the referendum, at least in Russia, the territory of the four states has become legal, and the war abroad has become the Great Patriotic War, and further large-scale war mobilization can be carried out.

The results of the referendum on joining Russia in the four places have long been a certainty. Russia will never allow other situations. Calling it a referendum is actually just a process.

For the international community, it is impossible for other countries to recognize the legitimacy of this referendum except for Russia's hard-core allies such as Syria.

For Ukraine, the key to taking back Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson is not whether they vote to join Russia, but whether Ukraine has the military power to retake them. Just like Crimea, which is now annexed by Russia, Ukraine has always hoped to take back Crimea, but it has no strength. Therefore, the result of this referendum is absolutely impossible for Ukraine to admit. For Ukraine, the referendum to join Russia is a very bad thing, because it means that there is no possibility of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

For Russia, the investment of the four places in Russia means that Eastern Ukraine has become Russian territory, which has drawn a bottom line for Russia itself. Due to the unfavorable front-line war, Russia has been forced to start "partial mobilization", which is called "partial mobilization" in name, but it is actually a prelude to war mobilization. 400,000 reserve soldiers were recruited and relevant laws were revised. Russia has officially abandoned the market economy and fully Prepare for the general mobilization. After the Eastern Ukraine joins Russia, if Ukraine counterattacks Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporozhye or Kherson, then in Russian law it has become the Great Patriotic War, and the nature of the war will change, except For a larger mobilization of war, Russia may even use tactical nuclear weapons.

All in all, the investment of the four local governments into Russia has a greater impact on Russia. It is rare in modern times to be able to expand tens of thousands of square kilometers of land. This is undoubtedly a boost to the Russians who are extremely greedy for land. It can not only buffer the low morale caused by the collapse ahead, but also suppress the reversal of the situation. And there is opposition. The most important thing is that Russia has drawn a bottom line for itself - the meat in its mouth is impossible to spit out anyway. For the sake of the four places in East Ukraine, Russia can join the National Movement for national mobilization, use tactical nuclear weapons, and even destroy the world.

Cykapu will donate $1 from each order to the Ukrainian government.

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