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Have you ever played tie-dye pressure silicone sensory game balls?

Our 3D fidget ball poppets push bubbles combines the design of the most popular bubble push fingertip game toy. It feels smooth and can be held with one hand, and the pressure can be released with a light pinch. The irritable sensory toys with poping sounds are very good for us to enjoy and decompress.

Of course our products are also of high quality. Pop it stress ball silicone ball is made of high-quality environmentally friendly silicone and does not contain BPA materials. soft, safe, durable and flexible. Children and pets can play safely and it is safe for them.

Then, it can release anxiety and stress very well. The new poppet stress ball only needs to press the semi-circular bubble protruding from the sphere. It is very suitable for people who suffer from ADHD, anxiety, ASD, or people who are stressed because of work overload.

🌞Convenient To Carry: Our 3D poppit ball fidget can be light and compact, easy to carry and store. It is very suitable for offices, homes, churches, libraries, stations, special education rooms, physiotherapy rooms, sensory rooms or parks, tourist attractions, etc. You can have fun anytime, anywhere.

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Author: Steven Ting

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