Why give a horse a horseshoe?

We often see horseshoes like this:


Turn it over and look like this:

Note that the darker outer layer is a thick hard stratum corneum, equivalent to a human nail, without any nerves and blood vessels inside. Naturally, a horse is an animal that is willing to run, and the nails will be worn out during the friction between the soles of the feet and the ground. But the nails will continue to grow, so a natural balance is maintained.

However, if humans break this balance, such as keeping a horse in a soft field, the nails will grow wild and become the following:


Contrast with humans:

It is another aspect of breaking the balance that human beings let horses and animals carry people. As the weight of the load increases and the walking distance becomes longer, especially when walking on hard roads, the horseshoe nails will be quickly worn and will be split by sharp protrusions (pebbles and the like) on the hardened ground, so that the horse will stay It became a crip who couldn't walk anymore. It's like you can't pick things after your nails are split.

Therefore, humans have to nail horseshoes, which is equivalent to putting on shoes for horses, in order to protect the hooves and allow the horses to walk longer distances with weight.


Of course, nailing nails on the grown nails will definitely not hurt, and it feels like a human manicure. In addition, the keratin will continue to grow slowly after the horseshoe is nailed, so it needs to be trimmed and re-stitched regularly.

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