Why do you feel uncomfortable seeing your girlfriend marry well?

When I was reading "Wuthering Heights" in my teens, I never understood why the people in it were so distorted. The male protagonist has clearly left, clearly made a fortune, and clearly succeeded. Why should he return to the ruined place where the bird does not shit, humiliate his enemies, enslave his offspring, and then destroy himself. I haven't figured out this problem for nearly fifteen years. Later, I met some people and found that there were always some obstacles in their hearts. It's obviously delicious and delicious, and it's obviously good in all aspects, but it's because of a certain feeling of being humiliated or backward. I always want to find those so-called "lost" one day.

Some people are more vulgar and call this a face-recovery; some people are more literary and call this kind of unforgettable original intention; others think they are heroes. Whatever they say on their lips just proves that they cannot keep up with the times, cannot say goodbye to the past, to the past. Modern technology has given us more freedom, but most people still live in their own small circles. With so many handy resources on the Internet, they are not interested in them-they never study the theoretical formulas that can only be read in the university library; they disdain the beautiful scenery that can only be seen by traveling thousands of miles. Take a look; they also turned a blind eye to the courses that can only be heard by passing various exams and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition. They only live in the past, in the unwillingness and pain of the past, in the small world they once touched.

At one time I thought I was better, because I focused more on the present and the future. Later I discovered that in fact, the reason for this characteristic of me is not because I am clever, but because my life is full of variables-the people around me from childhood to large will change every three or four years. When there is no fixed person, fixed relationship, the kind of attachment to the small circle is impossible to talk about. Later, I saw a comment on "Wuthering Heights" in a book review: the more closed the environment, the more extreme love there will be. In fact, where is only love, all relationships are probably like this. When you have been enclosed in a certain space for a long time, you will probably regard the gains and losses of this space as your frame of reference.

Your greatest wish in this life is to excel in this small circle. This is the nature of human beings. In "The Shawshank's Redemption", this is called "Institutionalized"-even if you leave the prison, you still live in the prison. Conversely, if you have not been imprisoned in a circle for a long time, and your circle has been changing, you will find how absurd you are trying to be in a circle. Because of how the chicken head is comparable to the phoenix tail, all the successes and failures of changing circles have disappeared. But not everyone has the opportunity to go far, to wander, to wander.

There are always people who live in one place, a small circle all their lives for various reasons. These people can't understand, can't think of, and hate the small circle that can't do without him, and finally become the strongest supporter of a series of bad habits in this circle. In the final analysis, magnanimity is not such an extraordinary character. When you go out and have contact with all walks of life, and the people around you change batch by batch, you will find that your girlfriends are not that important at all, or that you are familiar with it. The circle is not that important. At that time, whether they like it or hate it, they are all dispensable in your life and can be replaced at any time. How can you find unpleasantness for yourself? Therefore, when you are jealous of the people around you When you're human, maybe you should be in a hurry. Or care about something else, as long as you want, there are so many beautiful and meaningful things in this world, so much that you can't use all your time and energy to make it happen.

Modern technology has given us too much freedom, but true freedom can only be obtained when you are willing to accept it. When you realize this, you will discover how boring, boring, and wasting time and energy that those who are jealous and unwilling are actually. I still have so many interesting people to see, so many beautiful books to read, so many interesting things to do, so many delicious things to eat, so many deep questions to think about, where there is no time to be jealous other people? The world is so big, why bind one's sorrows and joys to such narrow people and things?

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