Why do people who like psychology and philosophy often have children who are deep in their realm and naive in life?

Because most people now live in the "serious world". They live in compliance with the established values ​​and fixed norms of society. They internalize the evaluation criteria of society, regard socially defined values ​​as their own values, and regard socially defined success as what they should pursue. They go to college, look for a job, get married, buy a house, buy a car, buy a donkey brand bag, CL shoes, Tiffany jewelry, and pursue a so-called "happy" life, a so-called "success", but they don't know these pairs. The definition of "happiness" for "success" is given to them by society-or others -; when they were 20 years old, they planned to do several internships before graduating from university, which companies to enter after graduation, and to get promoted before the age of 35. What position do you get, what salary should you get at the age of 40... These people guide their lives with the values ​​given by a society, rushing for the purposes given by a society, but never stop to ask themselves: whether this value is Correct? Is it good for me? Why do I want them? Why should I pursue this purpose and care about this kind of "happiness" or "success"? When they asked philosophers: Why are you so naive and not pursue some practical goals? The philosopher would ask him back: Why are you so naive, allowing yourself to stay in the world of appearance, but not examining the value of what you are pursuing?

You measure the philosopher by the standards in the "serious world" and find that she doesn't seem to go too far in the direction that society expects. She has no money, no reputation, no power, and then you say that philosophy is not good for her, how absurd it is. Philosophy is never meant to confine people in a serious world, but precisely to make people free from this "seriousness" and let her examine her own ideas and life, and no longer be bound by the values ​​defined by society or others. Life and personal development allowed her to gain true freedom and live a truly good, free and meaningful life. In the final analysis, it is Socrates' words: The unexamined life is not worth living.

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