What are the cruel truths in life?

1. At the moment you are born, your life has basically been defined, and throughout your life, it's just a struggle. Only a very small group of people can cross these obstacles to reach the distance they want, and these people are undoubtedly cruel characters, cruel to others, and even more cruel to themselves.

2. Loneliness is the norm in life. Why don't others understand us? I often ask myself maybe the way I think about problems is different. How can I have so much empathy? It's good to meet someone who understands you, but if you don't have one, you don't want to. In fact, we can tell others what we think. If you don’t think you feel wronged, others will be at a loss. So many things don’t need to be so complicated. There is also a need to have your own hobby. This hobby may not be very useful, but if you have something to do at a critical moment, you will not feel empty and lonely if you have something to do, haha.

3. I can't answer the age-old problem of feelings, but I can say from the perspective of women that most girls don't worship money so much, they just need care. Please try not to let them down. If they are disappointed, they will be scattered and they will not be able to go back.

4. It is very important to learn how to manage money. You must first learn to save money before you manage your finances. It's great to buy, but it's still empty after you buy it. I gritted my teeth and bought a very expensive bag last year, but I found that none of the lipsticks brings the freshness. You tell me, thanks. Think about it, my heart is dripping blood, and I will resolutely not buy it in the future.

5. You are not as important as you think, the world will change without you. The department’s special responsibility asks for leave, and the leader entrusts his work to me. I was frightened, and even persisted in it, which was just two months.

6. Compared to work, learning is simple. Work needs to consider multiple levels and the ideas of each leader, and learning only needs to control oneself. The key to work and study lies in the methods and laws of problem analysis.

7. Many times I feel that life is meaningless, but I am waiting for the same ending. Yes, it doesn't make sense, so I have to do something meaningful, such as falling in love and killing time.

8. As long as it is human, there is inertia. When I was preparing for the exam, I never dared to bring my mobile phone when I was studying, so I just stopped thinking about it. The current mobile APP is so convenient, easy to operate, and it takes several hours to swipe it. The best way to control yourself is to stay away from temptation. Uninstall! Uninstall! Uninstall! The important thing is said three times.

9. The job is not to do as much as possible, but to prioritize and do what you should do. Some are repetitive labor. The more you do, the more you make mistakes, the more you can hold on to it; some can exercise your personal abilities, even if we can only participate, we can learn something. This is the purpose of work!

10. There will be fewer and fewer friends at the end, and they will disappear for no reason. Unilateral efforts are useless, they all need to be managed well, and friendship and love are the same.

11. Time is fast, without giving us a little room for buffer, I am not young anymore, and my parents are old too.

12. It is not easy to control your body and skin, which requires extreme self-discipline. Can't look down on beautiful women.

13. People who meet love are so lucky, most of them are improvised.

14. Many people's efforts are pretends.

15. People say one fate, two luck, anyway, I believe it.

16. Most people's efforts are not enough, and they can't reach the level of talent.

17. You think your relationship is very good, but in fact it is because the interests are not related.

18. Know a lot of truth, but still have a bad life.

19. One hundred good filial piety first, no matter what the heart is, no filial son if no one is judged; all evil is the first, no matter what the heart is, no one is perfect in the world!

20. People who make more money than you, and those who have higher positions than you are indeed better than you in one aspect.

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