What are the cold knowledge that you never expected?

Offer cold knowledge of psychology
1. It's true that the more you do, the more you love. In men and women getting along, sexual activity will promote the secretion of oxytocin, both men and women, more women. Therefore, the more frequent the sexual activity, the stronger the sense of intimacy and attachment.

2. The brain will not be painful. The brain does not have pain organs. We have headaches because the pain receptors in the blood vessels work. For example, the blood vessels are compressed or ruptured. Therefore, bad moods cause headaches, not because they are too brain-intensive, but because they are too blood-intensive.

3. Behavior can be contagious. The more easily infected people, the stronger the empathy ability. Human behavior can be contagious, such as the well-known yawning contagion. It is because people have a kind of neuron, which is used to imitate others and make people produce mirror images. The more easily infected people, the stronger the empathy ability, and this is a high-level social emotion.

4. All the emotions that make you unhappy are caused by "wrong (absolute)" cognition. For example, "Listen to your mother, you are a good boy." "What should you do" "I can only do this" and so on. When this cognition becomes an automated mode, we will be angry, but we don't know what happened.

5. It's not that the more you know, the better you can understand others. Psychology has a concept called the curse of knowledge. When a person knows something, he cannot imagine that he or others do not know it. For example, when you know that the earth is round, you cannot understand what those people think that the earth is flat. This is one of the important reasons why science is not "popular".

6. The pregnancy effect is actually a cognitive bias. The pregnancy effect, also known as the observer expectation effect, many pregnant women said that after pregnancy, they suddenly find that there are more pregnant women on the street than before. Many pregnant women have similar feelings. In fact, this is caused by your focus and attention. Cognitive bias that causes a certain phenomenon or the frequency of occurrence of things to become more frequent. But in fact, the frequency of these phenomena or things has always been like this, it’s just that you didn’t pay attention to it before.

7. The Nobel Prize has nothing to do with psychology. The Nobel Prize has never been awarded to psychology. Paplov has won the Nobel Prize, but he does not consider himself a psychologist. He is a medical prize based on digestive research. Many psychologists have won the Nobel Prize, but they are all prizes in physiology, medicine or even economics.

8. Lying is a good thing, not lying will affect cognitive development. Lying is a sign of children's cognitive development. Children who have high lying skills and can easily round out a lie will have a sounder cognitive function development!

9. Optimistic people do not always handle their stress well. The ability to deal with stress is related to the maturity of a person's social support system and psychological defense mechanism, and has nothing to do with optimism. Optimistic people may just get pleasure more easily but may not be able to fight anxiety. When facing pressure, optimism is ineffective. Next time you face a problem, who would persuade you to be optimistic, you have the right to beat him. Venting emotions is an effective way to relieve anxiety.

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