Is there anything you knew only when you went to New York?

1. New York is New York, and the United States is the United States. New York is the least like the United States in the United States. In addition, everyone mentioned that New York generally has four meanings: Manhattan, New York City (5 districts including Manhattan), Greater New York area (New York City plus the upper part of Long Island and Connecticut, New Jersey near New York), New York State. So you have to pay attention to what everyone is talking about. Below I am talking about the first three concepts. But do not pay attention to the distinction. In New York, everyone talks about Manhattan, usually "island." This meaning is similar to what Beijing said about the Second Ring Road.

2. The per capita GDP of Manhattan is probably the highest in the United States, with a per capita of 370,000 US dollars, but the per capita income is not high because there are many poor people on the island, and many people work on the island and do not live on the island, and this GDP is very watery. With more than 1 million people in Manhattan, the GDP is as high as Poland, which is half that of Fujian Province.

3. The rent in Manhattan (including New York) is also a dual-track system. Many rent-limited houses can be as cheap as a set of several hundred dollars a month. But if you are a student, it costs $1,700 even if you live in the hall. Many poor people don't want to move out, but because they don't have such cheap rent after moving out.

4. The words downtown, midtown and uptown in English are clearly pointed to in Manhattan (because this word is from New York).

5. Except for the Upper East Side, the vast majority of wealthy people do not live in Manhattan (but may have a residence in Manhattan). Except for Jianguo and Bloomberg, Super Rich doesn't live in New York City. Because New York City has a 3% city tax.

6. I have lived in New York for a long time. You often feel like watching a reality TV show on the plane when you leave New York. Many scenes are shot by your side. 7. New Yorkers think that other places in the world are countryside. When they only talk about City, they mean New York, and when they talk about street, they mean Wall Street.

From 8, 2008 to now, the New York subway monthly ticket has doubled.

From September 2008 to the present, the land tax has also doubled.

10. So the housing prices in New York are crashing, and the housing prices in New York City are also crashing. But rents are rising. The people don't have a living.

11. So the population of New York is declining, and the population of New York City is also declining. 12. New York is the only place in the United States where coop is a strange thing on a large scale.

13. New York built a broken subway, enough for China to hold the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and it has been repaired for decades.

14. Half of the people in New York are not native English speakers, which is the most complicated place in the world in terms of race and nationality.

15. Wall Street is really a street. But it is only 300-500 meters long, and besides the New York Stock Exchange, there are basically no financial companies on this street today (the only remaining is the North American headquarters building of Deutsche Bank, but it is estimated that it will not last long. Up).

16. Times Square is not a square, but many blocks.

17. Broadway is not a theater. In fact, Broadway is a street name (Broadway), and this street name is very common in English (in most cities in the United States). In fact, this street leads from Midtown to Wall Street (the New York Stock Exchange is located at the junction of Broadway and Wall St), and it also passes through New York’s Chinatown. But if you say this word in Manhattan, it sometimes refers specifically to the section of Times Square, referring to countless theaters. And these theaters are not on Broadway, on the side street that connects to Broadway.

18. Everyone said that the New York Stock Exchange really has such a place (on Wall Street), but the Nasdaq Stock Exchange does not have a specific location. It is generally regarded as a large electronic display board on Times Square. .

19. The famous copper bull (a symbol of Wall Street) is not on Wall Street.

20. The postal codes with the most imbalanced ratios of men and women of school age in the United States are in Midtown Manhattan, New York. There are more women than men. I have read a report that I can’t find now (in the New York Times). The postcode age-appropriate male to female ratio is 1:5. So finding a girlfriend in New York is one of the easiest places in the world. Conversely, finding a boyfriend is difficult. This is the opposite of Silicon Valley.

21. The Empire State Building is actually just a ruined building, with no merit other than its height (not even a front square). But it has a great symbolic meaning. PS: I was fooled by <Sleepless in Seattle>, thinking that the Empire State Building Observation Deck was free of money (I was so young at that time). Went on the edge, found that I needed tickets, and returned in defeat.

22. The history of New York is not long. Most of the attractions are slowly and imperceptibly promoted after repeated filming: Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Natural History Museum, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Station . Therefore, the reputation of New York attractions is directly proportional to the number of trips in the movie. For any disaster film with a global background, the absence of the above scenic spots shows that the disaster is not enough. Any bad guy in a movie, if he doesn't want to attack New York, it means he is not bad enough. Later, someone took the content of the movie into reality, and there was 911.

23. New York has the largest Chinatown in the Western Hemisphere. But the Chinese food is still very average, the price is good, there are many types, and there is basically no high-end Chinese food. By the way, today (January 10, 2020), the New York Dadong branch declared bankruptcy.

24. New York real estate is divided into several different concepts, Manhattan, District 4, Upstate/Long Island/New Jersey. Apart from Manhattan, houses in other places are not expensive, in fact lower than most metropolises in the world.

25. The absolute value of land tax in Manhattan, New York, Upstate and Long Island is probably the highest in the United States (probably the highest in the world). It is very common and common to pay $20,000 in real estate tax a year for a house. The school district can easily start with a land tax of 30,000 a year. I have a bunch of friends who have paid 4/5/6/7/8 million dollars in land tax.

26. Many people don't know that the famous West Point Military Academy is also in the suburbs of New York. It is recommended that tourists who are not short on time can visit it. There is a signature of the Japanese surrender. I like the military museum a lot. There is also the world's largest outlet not far away, so you can shop by the way.

27. The Statue of Liberty is really nothing fun. There are 3 ways to play: take pictures and walk away on the shore, go to the island to stroll, climb up (you need to make an appointment). I recommend that if you go to the island, stop by Alice Island (on the edge of Liberty Island, the next stop on the ferry) and go to the purification camp museum. Many people don't know that the Statue of Liberty is like a lighthouse. Many European immigrants landed here when they arrived in the United States, and then isolated on Alice Island.

28. Starting this year (2020), the Metropolitan Museum is only free for New York residents (previously, you can squeeze the wool for tickets, but there are too many people). There is a saying that the Metropolitan Museum is a funding organization of the State of New York. Legally it cannot accept tickets, so it has now changed the charge for admission to residents outside of New York State (New Jersey and Connecticut students are still free).

29. Although there are no technology companies in New York (there is only one IBM headquartered in Upstate New York), the number of code workers is probably second only to San Francisco. In terms of density, it is even possible to be comparable.

30. All your views on Bei Piao and Shanghai Piao can be confirmed by Niu Piao.

31. The Mayor of New York is probably the most well-known mayor in the world, and the number of times he appears on various foreign news is probably higher than that of leaders of many countries. The first two Giuliani and Bloomberg were both capable and famous, and now they are clowns.

32. As the hometown of classmate Chuan Jianguo, New York is the most opposed place in the United States. Let's put it this way, even if I nominate me for president, I will kill Chuan Jianguo in New York.

33. The hometown of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the New York subway was put into use in 1904. It is 380 kilometers (the Beijing subway is 700 kilometers today) and runs 24 hours a day. A 30-day monthly pass for the New York Metro is 850 RMB, and a one-way ticket is 20 RMB. And it's very broken, it's the home of mice, so do you know why the teacher of the turtle is a mouse? Because I don't mix with mice, I can't survive in the New York subway.

34. The Federal Reserve, the World Bank, and the United Nations are all in New York, so New York State is commonly known as Empire State, but the capital of New York State is not New York City. PS: Correction in the comment area. The World Bank is headquartered in Washington.

35. The difference between the remaining 4 districts of Manhattan and New York is greater than that of Beijing's 2nd and 5th ring roads, or Shanghai Pudong and Puxi (in the commentary, it was changed to the inner ring and suburban ring).

36. Because of the terrible ground transportation in New York, many wealthy people also crowded the subway. The most famous one is Bloomberg (his money = Jack Ma + Ma Huateng), who is ranked among the top 10 in the world. During his time as Mayor of New York, he squeezed out of get off work on Line 5 every day (30 minutes from Upper New York to Lower New York City). government).

37. The means of transportation for wealthy people who live outside of New York to go to work in New York is by train. The means of transportation for the rich are helicopters. There is a helicopter airport in Midtown New York. There is a scene in the movie Big Short. It is said that the CEO of Lehman Brothers takes a helicopter from Long Island to work on the top of the company building every day. This matter is made up, but there are real parts. The real situation is that he helicopters to the airport in Midtown every day, and then the company special car to the office. It is said that some buildings in New York are designed to dock helicopters, but I have never heard of anyone who does this (except for emergencies). Even when Chuan Jianguo did not elect the president, he did not do such a thing.

38. The airspace control in New York is very strange and does not include low altitude, so it seems that helicopters can fly casually. I often see TV stations and police helicopters in movies. That's true. If you have your own helicopter to fly, you don't need to apply. So there are many helicopter rental companies in New York, and then a few years ago there was a collision between helicopters, on the Hudson River.

39. Among the artists in New York, there is a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger. One who has been used by the public account Amway a lot is the CEO of Goldman Sachs to get off work as a DJ. Here is another example. Before the PDT (Morgan Stanley) Proprietary Trading Counter (PDT) was not separated, the boss’s hobby was to play the violin in the New York subway (it should be the underground of Times Square). Low-key, many of his colleagues throw money at him because they don’t know him (this buddy can get more than 100 million U.S. dollars in salary per year). So I am a poor person in New York consciously not giving money to any artists.

40. Half of my colleagues in my office spend close to 3000RMB (monthly train pass + subway monthly pass) for commuting to and from get off work each month, mine is 420 US dollars. Commuting to and from get off work is normally maintained at 2-3 hours. This has nothing to do with rich or poor.

41. In New York City, it is illegal to rent basements, but more than 95% of basements are occupied by people.

42. The largest black district in New York is the Bronx. It's not Brooklyn or Queens that you often watch in movies. There are also many black areas over there. But in recent years, the black area in Queens has become smaller and smaller because houses have become more expensive. There is also the black ghetto and ghetto of Brooklyn next to each other, or the ghetto is surrounded by black ghetto.

43. The layout design of high-end apartments in New York is anti-human according to the Chinese view. Until the first two years, some domestic developers came to develop a bunch of houses sold to Chinese people. Well, these Chinese buyers have been trapped because they think Manhattan is really benchmarking Beijing Second Ring Road. Many Chinese buy Manhattan houses for investment, but in fact, wealthy people in other countries buy Manhattan houses for consumption. Because the maintenance fees of Manhattan houses are too expensive, high-end house rents cannot cover management fees and land taxes. The low-end rental and sales are 2%-3%

44. House prices in New York have been rising for the past 200 years, but the overall average increase has only remained at CPI+1. Because the property tax is too high, how high is it? A two-bedroom and one living room in Manhattan, if there is no tax reduction, it will cost more than 10,000 US dollars a year (this is not an independent villa), and the property fee has not been added for more than 10,000 a year. However, in the four boroughs of New York except Manhattan, the land tax is not expensive, only 1/3-1/2 of Manhattan. This is also the basis for the Queens and Brooklyn housing prices soaring in the past few years. But once in the suburbs, the property tax was high again.

45. The property tax in New York (or the United States) is part of the local tax. In Chinese, the tax rate is set and levied at the sub-district office and township level. The U.S. Constitution prohibits the collection of property taxes at the federal level.

46. ​​I know a buddy who has a small building near Times Square. When I knew it, I thought you were too rich. He said that in the 1980s, the neighborhood of Times Square was very, very, very dangerous and there was a rain of bullets. It is absolutely forbidden to take the subway at night. So the house price is very cheap. He couldn't afford it elsewhere at the time. Later, when Giuliani cracked down with an iron fist, public security improved, and housing prices in these districts skyrocketed.

47. Many highways and bridges in New York are tolls, and the tolls are very expensive. Except for California and New York, most other places in the United States don't need it.

48. New Jersey can be considered as Greater New York City. New Jersey law stipulates that car owners cannot refuel by themselves, and must be filled by staff. Another county in New Jersey near New York has a strange law, department stores are not allowed to open on Sundays (I lived there, it is said that one reason for this strange regulation is to protect small retail stores). The newest and largest dream mall in the United States (just opened) is opened in that county.

49. There is a small group of New Yorkers who are very, very rich. According to the tax return in 2016, please note that this tax return is after all tax reductions have been deducted, and many bosses and investors rarely pay taxes through tax avoidance, so they can basically be regarded as those who receive wages. The threshold for the first 1% of 8.6 million New Yorkers is $710,000 in household income and $14 million in disposable net assets (excluding self-occupied housing). In Manhattan, the threshold for this family's tax income is 1.44 million US dollars to enter the edge of 1%, which is exactly 10 million RMB. Please note that this is the threshold, not the average.

50. So, in Manhattan, you can spend as much money as you have. I have a friend who graduated with a Ph.D. and came to New York to interview for the position of Professor TT at the University. He was in a fund with his fellow lab brothers, and invited him to dinner with his boss and partners, and just to see if he could be hired. That meal cost 7000 for 3 people. The US dollar had a major impact on my friend's view of money (his original saying was that he had to eat a pizza in the business school and still need an invoice), and he rejected the offer and went to the fund. However, it is said that the Michelin in New York is not very expensive. The famous per se is said to be a standard set meal of 350 dollars per person (without ordering wine).

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