Countries with unlimited borrowing will all be Nazified

Biden is a lunatic president who has faintly changed from a populist to a Nazi. It stands to reason that it is impossible for Americans to elect such a president. But in reality, countries that borrow unlimited money will eventually become Nazified. If there is also a strong force at the same time, then it is the next Nazi Germany.

Before verifying this conclusion, let's take a look at the history of Nazi Germany. In most people's perception, Hitler is a murderous madman, a cold-blooded butcher, and he only knows the kind of murder.

But what you don't know is that Hitler was once a holy monarch in the eyes of the Germans. He was simply a great man sent by God to save Germany. Hitler came to power through popular elections and was the leader elected by all Germans. In a sense, the Germans did not choose the wrong person. To know why, you have to look at how miserable the Germans were before Hitler came to power.

The miserable Germany In 1918, the First World War ended and Germany was defeated. According to the Versailles Peace Treaty, Germany lost 7.32 million people and 73,000 square kilometers of land, and has to pay 11.3 billion pounds in gold. This money was extremely large at the time, worth about 226 billion marks, and it was impossible for the German government to repay it for decades. In order to repay the indemnity, the Weimar Republic, which replaced the German Emperor, overdrafted the German economy, and continued to rely on printing money to search for the people in Germany, and then sent it to the British and French powers. In 1921, 1 U.S. dollar could only be exchanged for 64 marks.

In November 1923, 1 U.S. dollar was exchanged for 4,200,000,000,000 marks. Later, the Weimar Republic issued banknotes in units of trillion marks. Note that the unit is trillions.

At that time, a glass of beer would cost hundreds of millions of marks to buy, and banknotes were like waste paper. The German economy has in fact collapsed, and the people have huge dissatisfaction with the government. In November 1923, Hitler launched a coup in Munich, known as the beer hall riot. But the Weimar Republic was not exhausted, Hitler was suppressed and sent to prison to serve his sentence. In prison, Hitler wrote the book "My Struggle". After foreign aid and currency reform, the evil inflation was eased, but the Weimar Republic did not linger for too long.

In 1929, the Great Depression that swept the capitalist countries came. The Weimar Republic, which was dying, suffered a fatal blow. In 1932, the real wages of German workers were 70% lower than in 1928, the unemployment rate soared to 35%, hundreds of thousands of people died of illness and starvation, and countless Germans went to the streets to beg. The Weimar Republic itself is almost paralyzed, with parliamentarians quarreling endlessly and helpless in the face of the bad situation. Oppose everything, and oppose it for the sake of opposition. No bill can satisfy most parliamentarians, and no one wants to hurt their short-term interests to save the German economy. By 1932, the parliament opened its doors only once a month, and members of the parliament did not bother to waste time in meetings.

Hitler came when the economy collapsed, politics collapsed, and the future of the Germans was gloomy. In the July 1932 general election, the desperate Germans voted for Hitler to come to power. Hitler declared that the reason why Germany is so miserable is entirely due to the oppression of British and American imperialism. Germany is paying compensation every year, and how the economy is getting better. In Hitler’s election posters, we can see that his main target group is the German people who are struggling with their lives due to the economic crisis.

Hitler promised that he would lead Germany to greatness again, and that he would work hard to abolish the unequal compensation treaty with foreign countries, and "make every family in Germany have milk and bread on the table." In this way, Hitler came to power and took over a chaotic, broken, dying Germany. The economic miracle Hitler said that he would save the Germans from the fire and water and let Germany regain its glory.

If you shout this slogan, you can naturally get votes, but many politicians have shouted this slogan, and Trump has done it. Ordinary politicians just shout slogans, but Hitler is different, he can really do it. In 1933, in the second year of Hitler's coming to power, the unemployed population in Germany dropped sharply from more than 6 million to 2 million, wages soared, and welfare increased substantially. Relying on the popular support brought by the huge economic results, Hitler sent people to burn the Reichstag and then planted it on the German Communist Party, thereby unifying the parliament and establishing a dictatorship. Trump has also besieged Congress, but unfortunately the means are much worse, and the economic results are far worse than Hitler. Four years after coming to power, Germany’s unemployment rate dropped to nearly zero, and the unemployed population was reduced to only 300,000. Germany even saw jobs everywhere and a shortage of labor. The gross national economy increased from 73.7 billion marks in 1933 to 126.4 billion marks, almost doubled. This is an absolute economic miracle, and the German people instantly become extremely happy.

By the summer of 1938, Hitler even promised to realize "every German employee owns a car." If you are a German, the new head of state who has been in office for four years rescued you from being hungry and unemployed on the streets, gave you a job, and gave you milk and bread on your table every day, and claimed that you could have it. A small car. What do you think of this head of state? This is especially the head of state, an angel sent by God.

The question is, where does Hitler's magic power quickly activate the German economy. Is it really that simple to govern the country? Before Hitler came to power, the Weimar Republic believed in a liberal economy. The state did not intervene in the market and was only responsible for collecting taxes. After Hitler came to power, he directly used state power to intervene in the economy, declaring that he would build more than 1,000 kilometers of highways every year and personally go to the construction site to lay the foundation.

Hitler took power in just 4 years and built 6,700 kilometers of highways, which is as much as 1/4 of the highways in Germany today. In addition, Hitler also developed the military industry, invested heavily in the construction of military equipment, and formed a large modern army. The huge demand created by so much money is of course gone. Because there was a shortage of people everywhere, Hitler even promulgated a law later, declaring that it was illegal to disobey the work arranged by the state. But Germany’s economic miracle was in exchange for an overdraft in the future. Hitler did not issue banknotes indiscriminately, but he issued bonds indiscriminately.

It takes a lot of money to repair the highway, and it is impossible to pay back the money invested in 4 years. There is no output for the money spent on building military equipment. The take-off of the German economy is completely dependent on the huge government expenditure, and the huge government expenditure is completely dependent on external borrowing. Here I have to admire Hitler's ability. He borrowed a lot of money from American capitalists and used the money to build highways and the German army. Being able to borrow money is an ability in itself.

In 1938, the German government's revenue was 17.7 billion marks, but its expenditure reached 30 billion marks, which was seriously beyond its means. By 1939, the situation became more serious. The German government's capital chain was on the verge of breaking, and the debt had swelled to the point where the country was almost unable to repay the interest. At that time, many of the five-year bonds borrowed by the German government were about to expire, and the government was seriously short of cash, and even had to force banks to buy government bonds, taking away depositors’ money as government money in disguise. This method of drinking poison to quench thirst can only be a temporary relief, and a little carelessness will turn into a huge financial crisis. If Hitler can no longer get money, then the German government is about to go bankrupt, and the prosperity of the German economy over the past four years will be burst like a bubble. The money from the German government was spent on building highways and troops. It will take decades for the expressway to return to its original value, and it cannot be counted on in the short term. The only thing that can be counted on is the army. The army needs to create huge profits to plug this gap in expenditure. So in 1939, Hitler launched the Second World War.

The decision to war is never a decision made by a single individual, but a collective decision. Germany in 1939 was prosperous on the surface, but in fact it was dead end and could destroy itself at any time. Only by launching a war can it gain a glimmer of life. This is the consensus of the top German leaders. Then why are the German people willing to support Hitler's war plan? Love the people like a son Hitler launched the war, dragging the people of the world into the abyss, and dragging the people of Germany into the abyss. But the German people before the defeat did not think so. Hitler is a head of state who attaches great importance to providing welfare to the people. During Hitler's four years in power, Germany eliminated unemployment, doubled the national economy, provided workers with paid holidays, and built a large number of nursing homes for workers. At the same time, through diplomatic means, Germany took advantage of the contradictions between European powers to cleverly gained a political buffer zone and quietly built an army stronger than France. After possessing the army, Hitler once again used clever diplomatic methods to recover most of Germany's lost territories without bloodshed, allowing millions of Germans to return to their motherland.

In the Berlin Olympic Games held in 1936, Germany won 33 gold medals, ranking first in the world, which greatly inspired Germany's national pride. In addition, Hitler has one of the most powerful aspects is that he repeatedly delayed reparations through clever diplomacy, and during his administration, no war reparations were actually paid. Hitler was very professional when it comes to relinquishing accounts. But for the German people, it is a shame to pay war reparations to the outside world. Hitler spent a lot of tax on people's livelihood and achieved the miracle of not losing money. The people absolutely support it. In 1939, Hitler gave a speech to the German people. He said: "What kind of country was Germany before 1933? It was a country that was on the brink of collapse by foreign politicians and the domestic political system, but here I am. I am here. During the short six years in power, I allowed the construction of roads and canals in this country, and built a large number of factories. I brought 7 million unemployed Germans back to work. I have greatly improved the education and cultural level of this nation. I have reunited Germany politically, I have re-armed it militarily, I brought the lands that were divided in 1919 back to the embrace of the motherland, and I scattered millions in Europe Everywhere, people of the German nation who were bullied by foreign governments were brought back to the motherland.

"Everything Hitler said in his speech is truthful and a real achievement. In addition, Hitler is also a self-disciplined ascetic. Vegetarian, no smoking, no drinking, no scandal, no extravagance, no Spending taxpayers’ money indiscriminately, leaving nothing for themselves. In 1948, the anti-fascist court established by the Allied Forces, after a detailed investigation for three years, announced Hitler’s personal property list, totaling 200,000 deutsche marks, approximately It is equal to 15,000 pounds. This property is shockingly small. After three years of rigorous interrogation of Hitler’s people, he failed to find Hitler’s personal property. Hitler has no tainted deeds in his life, and his personality is perfect, even in World War II. After the Allies wanted to discredit him, he couldn't find an attack point. In the end, he could only say that he indiscriminately killed the Jews. If you were a German in 1939, how would you think of such a dictator who seemed perfect to the extreme?

In the eyes of the people at the bottom of Germany, the great head of state brought them a happy life, took back a large amount of land and population that Germany lost in the Versailles Peace Treaty out of thin air, and exempted the war reparations in disguise. In the eyes of the upper echelons of Germany, Germany is becoming stronger and stronger, and it has benefited a lot from it, but if Germany’s debt problem is not resolved, the prosperity of the past four years will be completely shattered. The masses did not want to live the miserable days in Germany before Hitler came to power, neither did the elites. But what should we do in Germany now that even the loan interest can't be repaid anytime soon? It doesn't matter, you have a tank. Borrow money to buy tanks, and then use tanks to grab money when you have no money. This is actually a way to make money. As for why Hitler could borrow money,The former Weimar Republic couldn't borrow money. This is a question of ability. I have to say that Hitler's ability is indeed stronger than that of the Weimar Republic. After the war started, Hitler still attached great importance to the living standards of the people. You may not believe it. It was not until 1943 that Germany issued a general mobilization order for the first time after Stalingrad failed.

Prior to this, the German people were free to purchase all kinds of materials, and there was no military control in the country. This is the only one among the belligerent countries in the world. How comfortable were the small days of the German people at that time? The salary of a German soldier is 300 marks a month, while the salary of a worker is 50 marks. German soldiers with ample purchasing power sent a steady stream of special products from all over Europe back home. Norwegian salmon was once sold out by the German soldiers. These specialties were mailed to Germanic women who remained in Germany.

After the start of the war, men were on the front line. Germany, with a total population of 67 million, recruited 10 million men on the battlefield. Almost all young men across the country were confiscated, and there was a serious shortage of labor in Germany. Both the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom sent women to factories when there was a shortage of manpower. The Soviet Union, which had a greater manpower shortage, even sent women to the front. Here in Germany, Hitler insisted on the so-called "Germanic traditional values" and prevented German women from going to the front line or going to the factory, as long as they stayed at home and taught their children. As for the way to fill the domestic labor gap, Hitler chose to compulsorily recruit 7 million Slavic women to work hard in German factories. Germanic women only need to stay at home and wait for the front-line husband to send back the package. Why can the Germans be so cool? Because Hitler was a military genius in addition to pulling Germany out of the quagmire in the economic field. There was almost no price to unify Europe and defeat France. The German representative once signed a humiliating treaty at the Palace of Versailles in France, but now Hitler has easily occupied the entire France and then looted all French resources. If you are a German man, now fighting on the front line, winning repeatedly, and the salary is too high, what would you think of your own head of state? If you are a German woman, now you are waiting for packages in the back every day, watching millions of foreign women working hard in the factory, what would you think of your own head of state?

It can be said that Hitler was a god before 1944, the god in the eyes of the German people. But the prosperity created by Hitler is still illusory. The prosperity of the German economy is based on a large amount of borrowing, which is the future of overdraft consumption. The war was launched to solve the debt problem, and it was fundamentally unstable. So Germany can win but not lose. As long as you lose once, all potential problems will be detonated. Why the Battle of Stalingrad became a turning point in World War II. Why does the seemingly invincible and unstoppable German army suddenly become malaise after failing this time? Because everything in Germany is built on the debt bubble, it always dances on the tip of the knife. The debt problem of the United States borrows money for consumption and then repays it by robbery. This is essentially a robber. Many small countries can only collapse themselves after the outbreak of the debt problem, but Germany can rely on foreign robbery to solve its debts.

The biggest difference here is that Germany had the strongest technology and force in the world at that time. The barrel of a gun is hard, so the way of doing things is naturally different. In today's world, there is also a country that is very powerful in science and technology and military, and particularly likes to borrow money for consumption. That is the United States. Trump vaguely has Hitler's shadow. He came to power on the basis of the hardships of the people at the bottom, but his ability is far inferior to Hitler. Hitler took office a year, and the German economy has undergone earth-shaking changes. After the war, defeating France, which is about the same as his own strength, was a no-brainer.

But Trump failed to do so, the economy did not do well, and he did not win the trade war by looking for a less powerful China. It's almost impossible to do anything. Of course, the situation in the United States today is not as bad as it was in Germany. The German economy completely collapsed as early as 1923, and the currency was reduced to waste paper. In this way, the Weimar Republic held it for another ten years before Hitler's turn came to power. However, the rate of debt growth in the United States has vaguely mirrored that of Germany, and the United States also has the strongest technology and force on earth today. Economy is the underlying foundation of politics, and war is the continuation of politics. In the United States today, the economy is booming, but the trend of decline has already appeared. The appearance of Trump is not an accident, but an inevitable. When the economy fails, populism will inevitably rise. The populism developed to the extreme, it is the Nazi.

The economy has just been weak for a few years, and the American people have elected a Trump to grab money everywhere in the world. What if the economy is worse? The money left by the ancestors of the United States may be eaten for 30 years or 50 years, but it will eventually be eaten up. The United States, which is impoverished and bankrupt in debt, will not only not lose its threat, but will become even more terrifying.

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