Chia (XCH) blockchain data revealed

The data in this article is up to the block height of 282,380 (inclusive), because the block height starts from 0 (the genesis block height is 0), so a total of 282,381 blocks are counted.

How does the miner choose the K value in the P disk?
According to the data in the blockchain, K=32 is still the first choice of miners, accounting for more than 95%.

▼The number of blocks dug using Plot files with different K values

What shocked me was that the legendary Plot files with K=37 and K=38 actually exist!

The Plot file with K=37 unearthed these 5 blocks: 45907, 84696, 89237, 143664, 228637

The Plot file with K=38 unearthed these 4 blocks: 486, 4687, 36714, 108928

If you are interested, you can go to the blockchain browser and look at it yourself.

▼The proof_of_space.size part in the blockchain browser is the K value of the Plot file corresponding to this block

For Plot files, the larger the K value, the larger the final Plot file, and the larger the SSD cache space required for the P disk, and the more SSD life and CPU time consumed by the P disk.

▼The relationship between K value and SSD cache space and Plot file size

As can be seen from the table, as the K value increases, the SSD cache space and the Plot file size increase exponentially.

When K=38, the generated Plot file alone is nearly 8TB, and the required SSD cache is up to 22TB.

You asked me why the data in the table is approximate and not accurate. That's because Li Mingyang is too poor to buy such a large SSD. There is no way to actually test it. I can only estimate it based on the Plot file generation process.

If you really want to give it a try, it is estimated that it will take two months to get a K=38 Plot file.

Now you know why I said to "look up" to those blocks, because I really don't know what words to use to describe how rare these blocks are.

Friends who have read my previous article should know that each Plot file has a unique Plot public key, which will be recorded in the block during mining.

The 4 blocks of K=38, 486, 4687, 36714, 108928, were actually dug out using the same Plot file. The drawing public key of this Plot file is 0xa2da270146780822928ab46e7a2ff0567643a8c59827d4d60544a38508ad1dd3edc38bb0394b206ce0a6b411a00cb8f2.

The 5 blocks with K=37 were dug out using two different Plot files. 45907, 84696, and 143664 were dug out using the drawing public key 0x916f9c9b401e7ff88b5035d4e8474462620011b577b61da9c8e73c455166415ab7c062108f0d4c47d43, and the other Plot files were dug out using the Plot files of Plot files of 0x916f9c9b401e7ff88b5035d4e8474462620011b577b61da9c8e73c455166415ab7c062108f0d4c47d43f304b90611cc. The drawing public key was dug out from the Plot file of 0xa94f1d4b23d98e141968ce2d6022d6f89f5006581a57eeeac1ee440bbc3c826b938d8a788e8a4d1a1d8ccd6bc55ff2cb.

Do you think this is over? Remember to use the Pool Public Key when generating the Plot file?

The public key of this mining pool will also be written into the block, and we can use this information to infer the identity of the block producer.

In all the above 9 blocks mined using super large Plot files, the recorded mining pool public keys are the same, 0xaa38c6ae21ee7496e37fdbc4b1e6db72ffa03fdf354f4a3e3e81733394271c825996d8da5ff50460ecaaccba1cdd918a, which means that all these are probably the same person.

Let's sort out what happened:

A certain great god, with his own great power, generated 3 super-large Plot files and left 9 blocks on the blockchain for future generations to admire and hide their merits and fame.

0.25 and 1.75 in mining revenue
As we all know, the current block reward of Chia is 2XCH, which means that every time a block is mined, a newly generated 2XCH can be obtained.

Many friends have discovered a strange phenomenon. In the blockchain browser, it seems that the 2XCH is issued in two times.

▼The 2XCH rewards received from the same address are split into 1.75XCH and 0.25XCH

▼In the block, the address to receive the reward also appeared twice

For blocks with an inch of land and an inch of gold, this seemingly redundant data is obviously not a coincidence.

In fact, this design is prepared for the unannounced official mining pool agreement. When Chia is mining, one-eighth of the minting income and all transaction fees will be directly given to the miners who dig this block, and the other seven-eighths. The minting revenue will be given to the mining pool, which will be allocated separately, such as to other miners who have participated in the work but failed to dig out the block.

In the above figure, pool_target_address is the address of the mining pool to receive the reward, and farmer_reward_address is the address of the miner who mined the block to receive the reward.

In the early days, everyone basically mines independently by themselves, so these two addresses are the same. You can understand that from the blockchain, you are also mining in the mining pool, but you are the only one in this mining pool.

The revenue received by pool_target_address is seven-eighths of 2XCH, which is 2 x 7/8, which is exactly 1.75XCH.

The income received by farmer_reward_address has two parts, one part is one-eighth of 2XCH, which is 2 x 1/8, which is exactly 0.25XCH, and the other part is transaction fee. The early transaction fee is basically 0, so most farmer_reward_address receives The income is 0.25XCH.

Are there any examples that include transaction fees? It's true, but Chia is still in its early days. There are few transactions and no block congestion. Naturally, the transaction fee is low, only 0.00000007XCH.

▼A reward that includes transaction fees

In fact, 0.25 and 1.75 are not magic numbers, they have a clear basis and source.

▼Recently, there are more and more blocks on the blockchain with two different reward addresses. I believe someone is testing the official mining pool protocol.

Is the official cashing out?
In the genesis block, Chia officially allocated 21 million XCH to itself in advance, which were stored in these two addresses:

xch18krkt5a9jlkpmxtx8akfs9kezkuldpsn4j2qpxyycjka4m7vu6hstf6hku (2,625,000XCH)
xch16g76z3545xy2u4cgm52jyc7ymwyravn7m6unv9udfkvghreuuh7qa9cvfl (18,375,000XCH)
▼After the latest update of the blockchain browser, these two addresses can be directly displayed as special icons.

At present, the total amount of XCH dug by miners is less than 600,000, while the official holding of XCH is as much as 21 million. It is no wonder that the official rumors that the official will cash out are soaring.

Some people even directly showed evidence that the two addresses of 21 million XCH officially pre-allocated in the genesis block are now almost 0!

▼Official address 1. Originally there were 18,375,000XCH, but now the balance is close to 0.

▼Official address 2, originally had 2,625,000XCH, and now the balance is close to 0.

The above two pictures are obtained from a WeChat group, and they are also "evidence" that everyone thinks of the official smashing. After confirming the data on the blockchain, I found that these two pictures are true, not PS Come out, these two addresses are indeed out of coins.

However, after further tracking and investigation, I found that there is no sign of official cash out.

The fact is that, due to the inconvenience of current blockchain browsers to view transactions, it is impossible for everyone to track the flow of these XCHs, which has caused misunderstandings.

In fact, the official just moved a house for these coins, 21 million XCH is now lying quietly on these two addresses:

▼xch1rdatypul5c642jkeh4yp933zu3hw8vv8tfup8ta6zfampnyhjnusxdgns6, balance 10,500,000XCH

▼xch1duvy5ur5eyj7lp5geetfg84cj2d7xgpxt7pya3lr2y6ke3696w9qvda66e, balance 10,500,000XCH

The green "Chia Network" icon in the upper left corner of the picture indicates that these two addresses are also officially owned by Chia.

If you don’t believe me, you can go to the blockchain browser to check it yourself, and you will know what I said is true.

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