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James surpassed Jabbar to be crowned the NBA's all-time scoring champion, how to evaluate this historical achievement?

What does it really mean to be number one on the all-time scoring list?
Friends, please put aside the debate about whether James is a goat, to look at the score itself.

The NBA's predecessor, the BAA, was founded in 1946 and has come a long way in nearly 80 years, from 8 teams to 30 teams. During this time, about 4,600 people have been lucky enough to have stepped on the stage in the NBA. Among them, there are more than 2,600 people who have played more than 100 games, less than 1,100 people who have played more than 500 games, and players who can play more than 1,000 games in the league, 80 years, just less than 150.

So the difficulty really lies right is time.

If you want to get into the top 10 of the league's all-time scoring list, take goalie Moses Malone for example, you have to play 1329 games and 45,071 minutes, even if it's full time, you have to make sure your career is at least 16 seasons and above (with the exception of Jordan, a tough guy).

For 16 seasons?

Those of you who watch football may not know much about the survival of the end of the bench. They don't get much playing time, but the competition is just as fierce. The vast majority of NBA players are destined for obscurity, often disappearing from the spotlight after less than five seasons at their limit.

But please don't forget that players who can get a full contract in the NBA can be superstars in any other league.

James has played a total of 1409 regular season games so far, only 80 more games than Malone, but scored about 11,000 more points. This brings us back to the issue of attendance and durability.

It goes without saying how difficult it is to stay healthy, and to achieve this accomplishment, you simply cannot have a major injury in your career. James was lucky, but some players are different.

Durant, Leonard, Cousins, Rose, Embiid, Fat Tiger, Roy, Griffin, Maddy, Grant Hill, Oden, Fultz ......, all of these talented players have been plagued by injuries during their careers.

Most of the leading stars enter their peak at the age of 28 or so, and remain competitive until they are 32 or 33. But after the age of 34, or even a little earlier, it will plummet. This time, or actively change the style of play, or passive transformation, often raw scorer suddenly can not score to pick up, or slowly no ball to play.

For example, suddenly no ball to play Anthony, such as scoring a precipitous fall of Harden, such as the end of his career offensive efficiency of Kobe, and then disappearing Delon, such as the general Arias.

In the NBA to maintain 20 seasons of attendance is still a certain possibility to complete, the probability is about one in a thousand. For example, the ancient giants Parrish, Jabbar, such as Vince Carter, Nowitzki these.

But to maintain a very high scoring efficiency in the 20th season, from the current point of view, the history of only James one can do.

This season is not James' last dance, maybe he can play 3 more seasons, maybe 5 seasons, it depends on him.

What is predictable is that he will inevitably pull the scoring record up to over 40,000 points, to a height that is even more outrageous than 100 points in a single game, and still impossible to be surpassed. (As the scale of penalties becomes more and more unbelievable, the NBA, which encourages offense, someone to get a 100 points, may no longer be a dream)

James is averaging 30 points per game this season, shooting 50.5% from the field. For reference, Jabbar is averaging 23.4 points per game at age 38, Carter is averaging 6.6 points per game at age 38, Nowitzki 14.2 points per game, Malone 22.4 points per game, Kobe is averaging 17.6 points per game at age 37 on 35.8% shooting, and Jordan is averaging 22.9 points per game at age 38 on 41.6% shooting.

So, from a lasting perspective, James is without a doubt the top scorer in NBA history.

This is due to his twenty years of polishing his body like a day to day excellence. Behind this success, there is too much too much that we can't see, strict to almost perverted, sweat, self-discipline and OCD.

For example, others rest you are training, others vacation you are training, win the ball you are training, lose you are still training. In short, you are always thinking about training and improving.

This is true for any industry that wants to be at the top, and it may give us all some inspiration about life and work.

Congratulations to James on topping the NBA's all-time scoring list.

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