Why do I still feel exhausted when I sit at work?

Because fighting against meaninglessness is exhausting. When I am doing a certain job, I know that this job is very good according to the secular standards. I also understand the grand significance of this profession and job to society. I can also imagine others admiring me to give it to me. I encourage myself or threaten myself that if I don’t work well, I will have no food in the future, but I just feel that these reasons cannot fully convince myself.

Humans are the lives that need to live in a sense of meaning all the time. The sense of meaning comes from our conceptual system. If the conceptual system cannot organize and explain all our experiences (including external and inner experiences), we will feel depressed or meaningless , I feel that I have been inorganicized, defamiliarized and mechanized by the alien world. However, people often overestimate their own animality, underestimate their pursuit of a sense of meaning, or think that a sense of meaning is a very sacred thing, which only a few educated people will pursue or deserve to pursue.

On the surface, many people do not specifically emphasize any sense of meaning in their work, but this just means that they are not aware of their own needs, and it does not mean that they do not have such needs. For example, when some people accept compliments from relatives and friends who have not seen them for many years during the New Year, they feel that their work is quite meaningful, but when they are far away from the lively atmosphere, the social mask is removed, and they are alone late at night. When tossing and turning, they will find their true thoughts; another example is that many high school students study very hard in school, because the school and society have created a simple and rude meaning system for him on campus. This meaning system shields the outside world. Information and retelling and reforming personal experiences (such as narrating personal history with performance as the main line) to make people believe that they have absolute meaning to do things according to school requirements. However, this meaning system is completely refuted after going out of school. Up.

To say one more thing, here can also understand why we should care about the historical truth hundreds or even thousands of years ago. On the surface, these historical facts have very little relationship with our real life, but in fact, we need to start from "What times come" to seek our own foundation in the universe, and the historical view constitutes the ubiquitous background for us to think about real problems. Therefore, the sense of meaning that can be felt only by short-term encouragement or in a specific scene is not lasting, and will inevitably fall into confusion, emptiness and uncertainty again.

In this kind of mental tossing, people are afraid of uncertainty on the one hand, and prefer to believe in the life that society has promised themselves for many years, on the other hand, they hate certainty, and feel that this kind of promise and planning is a kind of seeing it all at a glance. life. When a person cannot understand the trajectory of his life and feels that all his actions are just passively coping with external pressure, even if he has power in reality, there is always a feeling of powerlessness and powerlessness that tortures himself.

Conversely, when a person constructs his own system of meaning by digging his own life, even if he makes a gesture of obedience, even if he encounters many unpredictable events, he is still active and powerful. Tiredness is just a signal of a sense of powerlessness deep in my heart. It reminds myself from time to time: I am not as simple and shallow as I thought, I need a profound life.

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