Why do fish like to eat earthworms?

Earthworms, a creature that lives under the ground all year round and only rushes to the ground during heavy rains, is a commonly used bait for human fishing.

One lives in the water and the other lives in the ground. Fish and earthworms seem to be incapable of fighting. So, do fish really like to eat earthworms? why?

The reason why earthworms like to run to the ground on rainy days is because they breathe through their skin. The capillaries on the skin of earthworms can directly breathe through gas exchange, so they must always be kept moist. In order to keep the skin moist, the back hole of the earthworm will secrete mucus, so touching the earthworm will feel sticky.

In the rain-soaked land, the voids in the soil were filled with water, and the air was squeezed out. Without air, the earthworm cannot breathe underground and will suffocate to death, so it ran to the ground. Although the risk of doing so is very high, for example, you may be trampled to death. But in order to survive, the earthworms also had to leave the ground soaked by water.

Therefore, earthworms cannot actually survive underwater.

Put the earthworm in the water and it will only drown. Except for heavy winds and heavy rains that may wash some earthworms into fish ponds, or fishermen using earthworms as bait, under natural conditions, fish cannot see earthworms.

Since fish can't see earthworms under normal circumstances, why do many people use earthworms as bait?

A simple explanation is that although most fish will not encounter earthworms during their lifetime, they will encounter things that look like earthworms, such as insect larvae or leeches. Fish are rarely picky eaters, these long creatures are their food. Because earthworms look like the food they usually eat, fish also like to eat earthworms.

In addition, fish also like to eat moving food. Because insects struggle, they are particularly interested in insects that fall into the water. As a bait, earthworms will twist and struggle underwater due to suffocation and the pain of being penetrated by a hook.

So, is it because fish like to eat worm-like and moving food that humans use earthworms as bait?

The guess still has to be proved by experiment. In an experiment conducted by the Berkeley Fish Research Center, researchers prepared some bass that had never seen worm-like food since they were born, put them in a special fish tank, and then hung some pieces in the fish tank. Plastic and worm-shaped plastic).

As a result, the sea bass was not interested in the pieces of plastic at all, but reacted very strongly to the plastic worms. Even if they can’t eat it, sea bass will frequently attack those worm-like plastics with their mouths. Interestingly, the researchers did not shake the plastic worms, which means that the plastic worms are still in the water, but the perch still particularly likes to attack these plastics. The data shows that the number of times that sea bass attacks those plastic worms is about 10 times that of fragmented plastic.

As for why sea bass would like these colorless, odorless, plastic worms that do not move. The researchers did not give an explanation, perhaps because Yuda likes these worm-like things in its genes.

Because the researchers discovered this secret, in order to trick the fish into hooking, a new type of bait appeared in the fishing industry: plastic worm bait. In order to make it easier for the fish to catch the bait, people also add salt or other flavoring agents to the bait.

This kind of bait can not only catch fish, but also can be recycled many times. As a bait for fishing, it is indeed much more affordable than live earthworms.

The method of fishing with this kind of plastic bait is called lure fishing method, also known as bionic fish fishing method. Generally speaking, lure fishing is used to catch some large fish, such as the large bass mentioned above.

The plastic bait used in lure fishing is not only worm-shaped, but also small fish-shaped, or other underwater creatures. These shapes are based on the favorite food of the fish you want to catch.

The conclusion is that the main reason why fish like to eat earthworms is mainly because the fish are interested in those strip-shaped things, even if this thing is plastic, the movement is only a bonus.

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