In order to be as environmentally friendly as possible, I have experienced plastic-free life for half a month

What needs to be explained earlier in the article is that after trying to reduce the use of plastic products for about half a month, I realized that plastics may not completely disappear from my life, but there are still many things we can do.

Turtles and fish entangled in plastic bags, beaches full of plastic trash, we often see photos like this on social media. It takes hundreds of years for plastic to be completely degraded and physically occupy the space of the earth; and marine organisms will swallow the plastic particles in the ocean. When we feast on the dining table, these plastic particles will enter our body and be harmful. health. Everyone knows the truth, but vacuum cleaners, electric fans, desk lamps, accompanying cups, including the keyboard, mouse and monitor in use, light and durable plastics haunt every corner of our lives, bringing a lot of convenience to our lives. As far as I am concerned, it is unrealistic to give up plastic products altogether.

Although I cannot completely shut out plastic products, we can significantly reduce plastic waste by extending the life of existing plastic products as much as possible and reducing plastic products with shorter life spans. If you also want to make some efforts to reduce plastic waste, you might as well take a look at these little things I have tried.

Why 1/billions of effort can be effective Before starting to act, I will try to dispel your doubts that "this kind of thing is not useful for personal effort at all", because I had this idea at the beginning. But personal efforts are indeed beneficial to reduce plastic waste. First of all, reducing plastic waste is a matter in the physical sense. If individuals throw less out of the house, there will be less plastic waste.

Secondly, individuals are not isolated, and their actions will affect those around them. Even if I live alone, my behavior will affect colleagues, friends, and family (of course, including you who read this article), and at least it can prompt them to reduce plastic waste. Finally, sellers will be affected by these actions. For example, bringing your own lunch box to pack this thing, one person went to a restaurant to try it, the next time the store will not be surprised; some sellers may make changes, such as encouraging customers to bring their own containers (such as Starbucks). Everyone can do the small things fully & reuse the plastic products already obtained. Since the plastic products have been taken home, don’t throw them out of the house just because they are not pleasing to your eyes. What you really should do is Extend their service life. It is natural to cherish the use of small household appliances, etc. Needless to say, some plastic products that will be regarded as "disposable items" can actually be used multiple times. For example, most households will make clean plastic bags and reuse them as garbage. bag. The "disposable" plastic products I reuse now include these:
Plastic cake tray:
To store the removed hairpin and watch plastic Bobo tea cup:
Storage puff plastic pure tea cup: Because it has a small mouth, it is used to add water to the iron (super easy to use!)
Plastic box for packaging sliced ​​fruits: After cleaning, continue to be used for packaging sliced ​​fruits (pineapple plug is high). However, it should be noted that if the disposable lunch box is to be used for holding food repeatedly, it is best to check the bottom of the container according to this article. Plastic grade. Simply put, only No. 5 plastic can be reused after cleaning, and other plastics will release harmful chemicals if they are reused. Environmental protection products that can be tried Our original intention to purchase environmental protection products is to reduce the use of plastic products, but we cannot only consider the elimination of plastics in everything. For example, although environmental protection products are biodegradable, the carbon footprint of producing and transporting them is actually much higher than that of plastic products. Take cotton environmental protection bags as an example: the total carbon footprint of a cotton environmental protection bag (including growth, manufacturing and transportation) is about 271 kg of carbon dioxide, while the production of standard high-density polyethylene plastic bags only requires 1.6 kg of carbon dioxide, which is environmentally friendly. The impact is even smaller. A cotton eco-friendly bag needs to be used 131 times before its carbon efficiency can be equal to that of disposable plastic bags. Therefore, if you buy an environmental protection bag, you must remember to take good care of it and take it out often. The accompanying cup is the same. Only when you buy it and use it all the time, it is truly environmentally friendly.

Below, I have summarized some items that are beneficial to plastic reduction that I have been using, have tried, or are going to try: The environmentally friendly products that I have been using are not intended to reduce plastic, but they have also achieved the purpose of reducing plastic. Pens I have used three pens for a long time, each performing his duties. The gel pens and refills that I occasionally use are all in stock years ago. But I think it’s better to buy gel pens for colors that are not commonly used. If you can’t run out of ink, it’s a waste. Recycled bags & reused plastic bags were light (lazy) at the beginning. When I was not at work, I carried recycle bags on almost all occasions when I went out, so that I could easily put them in the bags when I wanted to buy things temporarily. I will bring eco-friendly bags and large plastic bags that are reused many times during planned shopping. AEON's plastic bags are really very durable. I have used them 30 or 40 times. If you go out with a cup for a few hours, you will definitely be thirsty. If you are thirsty, you will buy bottled water or sugary drinks. The former is not very cost-effective according to the capacity, and the latter is not very good for the body, so I still bring my own glass of water out. most convenient.

But when I really want to drink a drink, I still buy it. The items that have been replaced did not expect that it would be beneficial not to stock up at this time, that is, they can quickly use up the items on hand and make changes. Dental floss stick → Dental floss I used to use dental floss stick to clean my teeth for a long time. When I ran out of stock a few weeks ago, I thought "or try dental floss too". As a result, dental floss is much easier to use than dental floss stick, and it produces There is a lot less plastic waste. Fresh-keeping film → Fresh-keeping box Fresh-keeping film used to the last meter I saw an article by Zerowaster, saying that a fresh-keeping box with a lid can be used to replace the plastic wrap and the fresh-keeping bag, so I hurried to find the fresh-keeping box that has been idle at home for a long time. From the experience of use, there is no inconvenience in storing food in the fresh-keeping box, and there will be no tangled moments when the diameter of the fresh-keeping film is smaller than the mouth of the bowl. Disposable food bag → Pockeat bought Pockeat after seeing Amway in the Youtube video. It usually stacks up to the size of a pack of paper towels. The inner bag is food-grade silicone, which can be used to pack solid and liquid food. I have only tried bulk bread for breakfast, and I will try to use it to pack more food. (In order to offset the carbon emissions of producing it, it probably has to be used for several years).

Living habits you can try to change These are the plastics that can be reduced by replacing the items you choose to buy, and there are some plastics that can be lost in daily life scenes. For items that can be bought in physical stores, try not to buy them online. The most typical ones are daily necessities. I was also a loyal user of Tmall supermarket. I chose to buy items such as dishwashing gloves, disinfectant, paper towels, and soy sauce online. There were cardboard boxes piled up at my door all year round, and then a large number of shock-absorbing bags and foam were thrown out of the cardboard boxes. Paper is a disposable plastic that is almost never used again. When I go to the supermarket to shop, the plastic waste generated is greatly reduced, and I will not face the troubles of full reduction and limited brands and specifications. The shopping experience can be said to be very good. Buying less packaged items is not always a bad thing. Plastic packaging is not always a bad thing. For example, various fruits and vegetables covered in plastic wrap in supermarkets can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by more than three times, and also make a lot of contributions to reducing waste.

1 But for items that do not need to be packaged to keep fresh, we may be able to choose the one with less packaging at the time of purchase-this is also the way to convey our voice to the commercial company. The refill of the foam hand sanitizer I am using is bottled, and I need to buy it online. When I run out of this bottle, I plan to try the one that MUJI simply packs in aluminum foil bags. Buying bulk food Although buying bulk food in the supermarket will also produce packaging bags, its regular shape is more convenient to be reused. Buying second-hand goods There are a large number of almost brand-new goods on the second-hand platform. Since they have been produced and left unused, we can consider consuming them first. The second box of dental floss I bought is second-hand, and the second-hand attribute does not affect the use, and you can enjoy a lower price. Reduce disposable plastic waste. Reject unnecessary tableware packaging bags, packaging boxes, and disposable tableware. The disposable plastic waste generated by ordering a takeaway is very considerable. If you have to order takeout, you can bring your own set of tableware in the place where you eat daily (dormitory, company, etc.), and choose "no tableware" when ordering takeout. When taking out drinks, if you don’t need straws and packaging bags, tell the clerk that they don’t need them. When refusing to buy gifts online, some merchants will attach a lot of gifts (most of them are made of plastic) with the goods. I have lost a lot of such useless gifts in the past. So now I will directly note "Don't all gifts" when buying. The advanced attempt to bring your own container to pack is to order less takeaway, go to the store to eat or try to bring your own container to pack. For example, bring lunch boxes and Pockeat to pack food, and bring accompanying cups to pack drinks. As far as I have tried several times, as long as I can communicate with the clerk, there is no problem with bringing your own container, but even if the clerk refuses, you don't have to force it. Because I don’t buy a lot of drinks, I haven’t tried a packaged drink yet. Except for the stores that clearly bring a cup minus x yuan, if you have ever used your own container to package a drink in another store, please leave a message in the comment area. ~Recycling of plastic garbage At present, domestic garbage recycling is still very immature. Most of the garbage sorting in the city is done by cleaners and scavengers. I often pass by the garbage houses next to the community, and I will see them sorting wood, cardboard, plastic, etc. Sorted and shipped away. And what we can do for them is to do some sorting and cleaning with a little effort. According to the types of recyclable plastics mentioned earlier in the article, confirm the plastics that can be recycled and rinse them with a small amount of tap water (because tap water also has economic costs). They can be packed together in clean plastic bags and placed next to the trash can (to avoid being Garbage pollution).

2 Of course, if you have a garbage sorting and recycling bin near you (such as the little yellow dog mentioned before) or your city has started to implement garbage sorting, just follow the instructions. Postscript, plastic products can't disappear from life with a "swish" sound. In the process of writing this article, I also bought a MUJI bath brush. The reason is that the original bath brush was with a wooden handle. It has grown mildew when placed in a damp bathroom. In this regard, it is still a plastic product. Better. Whether it is Plastic Free or Zerowaste, there are only a few people who can do the best. We don't need to be too harsh on ourselves. Everyone who does a little bit more is a contribution to the universe.

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