How do you view Iran's practice of replacing the US dollar with RMB?

China and Iran have signed a long-term cooperation agreement, and the agreed period of cooperation is up to 25 years.

Biden's frantic smear of China on the Xinjiang issue was the key force behind this agreement, because it completely shattered the illusion of peace with the United States.

What is the significance of signing a cooperation agreement with Iran?

Because the United States announced that no one on earth is allowed to do business with Iran, all those who cooperate with Iran will be sanctioned by the United States.
Remember the reason why the United States caught Meng Wanzhou? It is suspected of cooperating with Iran, just suspected! I caught it.
Today, Foreign Minister Wang Yi is visiting six Middle East countries and directly signed a 25-year cooperation agreement with Iran (the China-Iran 25-year strategic agreement). At the same time, he decided to settle Iran’s oil in RMB. This is a groundbreaking move.
This is to tell the world frankly that no one in China is doing business with Iran, but in the name of the country, the whole country is doing business with Iran.
You, the United States, is here to continue sanctions.
If the sanctions are not exhausted in the trade war, the United States can really threaten China.
But now that the United States can sanction all sanctions, the rest are areas where sanctions will hurt both sides. China is not a fake United States at all.

The U.S. is not qualified to be condescending to us, China. You can’t tell whom to do business with. Meng Wanzhou was arrested for this reason? I am sorry! Today we are going to do business with Iran, and we have to do a big business!
Today, I will give you an in-depth analysis. What does this cooperation mean for the United States and the world?

1. Break the thigh of dollar hegemony!

I don’t know if you have such doubts. Why is there a red neck who has not graduated from a high school in the United States, and Luther, who is regarded as a low-level poor in the United States, can actually live in a big villa and eat steak. How can the bottom of the United States be ordinary people? Why is the bottom of the United States so different from the bottom of the world?
Because of the hegemony of the dollar! The mainstream currency of foreign trade in the world is settled in U.S. dollars. Once the U.S. money printing machine is turned on, you can use U.S. dollars to buy and buy all over the world. That is to say, the entire country in the U.S. today is an exploiting class. The army squeezed the college entrance examination to go to university in order to graduate with a higher income. As a result, Americans became well off if they just did a job. Why?
To figure this out, we must first figure out what currency is?
Currency is a scarce item and a unit used to save wealth. For example, gold is highly scarce, so gold can be used to store wealth. In fact, gold itself is a piece of scrap metal, and it does not represent anything.
Gold is valuable only when people regard it as a unit of wealth savings and use it for trading.
Because gold can be exchanged for commodities, in other words, currency is the intermediary of commodities.
A country’s currency is not worth “money”, you can see what you can buy in that country by holding this currency? It's like giving you a shopping card. As a result, there is nothing in the supermarket. The shopping card is worthless.
But what if there is a dazzling array of goods in the supermarket? The purchasing power of this card is very strong and it is very "valuable".

After the Cold War, the United States became a financial vampire that did not produce any industrial products. He only printed US dollars. Through the powerful US military, the oil countries in the Middle East “voluntarily” used US dollars for settlement, and then forced these countries to use them. U.S. dollars are used to buy U.S. Treasury bonds to resist exploitation... In this way, oil becomes the convertible of U.S. dollars and is bound to U.S. dollars, and oil is the blood of modern industrialized society. After binding to oil, any other transaction Naturally, they are all tied up by dollars.
As long as the world’s foreign trade is settled in U.S. dollars, the world’s money printing power will no longer be in its own hands. If the United States prints money, the world has no way at all. Recently, Turkey’s country is not large enough to resist the American harvest. Collapsed.
Recently, Biden has been madly printing money to distribute money to Americans.
Where did this money come from? It's from your pocket! From the pocket of a leek country like Turkey! Money from ordinary people all over the world is being stolen by Biden and sent to ordinary people in the United States.
If other countries do the same and print money like the United States, the result will be soaring prices, the wealth of the people will be diluted, and the U.S. dollar is universal. The U.S. prints money, and the U.S. can use U.S. dollars to exchange materials all over the world. The whole world got a piece of this way, inflation was transferred to the whole world.
Never seen such a brazen country!
How can we get rid of the thigh of "dollar hegemony"? Oil must be settled in currencies other than the U.S. dollar, and the only country in the world that has the ability to cooperate with China is Iran.
Iran is the world's second-largest oil producer, a mineral museum, a Persian Gulf hegemon, a Strait of Hormuz lord, an anti-American fighter, a leader of the Shia arc...
Fully meet the needs of China, the following is a detailed explanation.
2. China, Russia, and Iran: the formation of the Iron Triangle
Why is there only Iran? Because Iran is the country with the most complete sovereignty in the Middle East, and it is also an industrial country. Its steel output is the tenth in the world. It has petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, military, steel, nuclear, electronic, and computer industries. Although the related industries are not very developed, Quite the style of New China back then, able to achieve independence.
The reason why the three sovereign countries of China, Russia, and Iran are hated by the United States is that they have one thing in common, that is, "these three countries do not open their financial markets to the United States." They hold financial sovereignty firmly in their own hands, and they all have The ability to engage in modern industry.
China has the capability of the entire industrial chain. Although Russia and Iran are not capable of light industry, the military industry is independent.
In the Middle East, Iran is the only sovereign industrial country as well as an energy and trade route country. It has a large amount of oil and gas resources and occupies an important land trade route position. The key to Iran is "100% anti-American."
After the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the country was founded on religion. In order to compete for the status of the leader of the Islamic world, Iran was tit-for-tat against Israel, and Israel was a nail for the United States to split the Islamic countries in the Middle East.
Some Middle Eastern countries agreed to negotiate with the United States and no longer oppose Israel, but the public opinion in the Middle East was also torn apart. The Middle Eastern countries that negotiated with the United States were equivalent to acknowledging the status of "Japanese invaders".
And uniting the Middle Easterners and expelling foreign forces is the founding law of the Islamic Republic of Iran today. If there is peace talks with the United States, the status of Israel must be recognized, and the law of uniting the Islamic countries in the Middle East will be shattered.
The country’s legislature is gone, and the country’s destruction is a matter of minutes.
It was immediately killed by Europe and the United States through the Color Revolution, so there is no possibility that the Iranian government will negotiate with Europe and the United States unless the US bridgehead Israel withdraws from the Middle East.
Once there is no Israel and the U.S. military base is gone, the Middle East countries will inevitably form an alliance. Once the Middle East countries cut each other day by day and form a strong Islamic civilization alliance, the "Shimonoseki Treaty" that must be settled in US dollars will be completely bankrupt. , The pillar of dollar hegemony is completely abolished!
Therefore, the United States must support Israel. This is an irreconcilable contradiction with Iran! This fault is not Iran’s fault, but the US’s unwillingness to give up the exploitation of the Islamic countries in the Middle East. What is wrong with the Middle Easterners wanting to be the masters of their own country?
There are many energy countries in the Middle East. For example, Iran’s neighbor, Saudi Arabia, is also a major energy country and has the largest output in the world! I am also willing to cooperate with China, but everything in Saudi Arabia is firmly controlled by the United States. The large number of US military bases in Saudi Arabia rely on the United States to pay protection fees every year.
When Trump first came to power, he felt that the U.S. economy was not doing well. Saudi Arabia immediately came over to pay for it, and offered an unprecedented arms purchase order to brush Trump’s political achievements. The relationship between China and Saudi Arabia is not bad, but if China wants energy Security, Saudi Arabia is obviously unreliable.
Foreign Minister Wang Yi just finished his visit to Saudi Arabia a few days ago. Saudi Arabia has a good position and is backing China's Xinjiang. But when it comes to more in-depth cooperation, Saudi Arabia is still hesitant to say anything.
It shows that Saudi Arabia is not entirely its own master, but it is happy to see China's rise. It is an opinion on the United States, but it does not dare to say clearly that by supporting China's Xinjiang, it implies that it is dissatisfied with the United States.
Today, after the signing of the 25-year agreement between China and Iran, the decision to settle Iran's oil through RMB is equivalent to the abolition of a thigh of the United States! I dare not say that it will immediately subvert the hegemony of the US dollar, but it does have the meaning of "for whom the death knell will sound".
Before that, Iran had fantasized about talking with the United States, and for peace, signed an Iran nuclear agreement with Obama. As a result, Trump abolished it when he came up, and continued to impose sanctions on Iran.
A serious economic crisis broke out in Iran for a time, and even the Americans frantically blocked Iran's medical supplies. Therefore, the pro-Western party in Iran has been completely disappointed with the West in recent years.
And it was China that really rescued Iran from the crisis. The United States could not tell Iran to export oil, but China bought it immediately! Let Iran get China's economic blood transfusion.
After this agreement, the US sanctions on Iran have basically become a piece of waste paper. China can provide all the capital, technology, and materials needed by Iran. Iran will settle oil trade through RMB and its geographical location to ensure China’s trade security. .
Didn’t Taiwan’s freighter block the Suez Canal before? The global stock market immediately fluctuates, and investment confidence is damaged. Why? It shows that if the world's trade channels continue to rely on shipping lines, the risks to the global economy are huge, and land transportation routes must be opened.
After the Suez Canal was blocked, the Iranian ambassador to Russia immediately tweeted: “Why not take the international north-south transport corridor? Land transport through Iran to Europe, delivery within 20 days, cost reduction by 30%.”
Drunkard’s intention is not to drink!

If more and more countries no longer need to rely on U.S. dollars for energy settlement, the U.S. will not be able to use U.S. dollars to suck blood like the world. The reason why the US's huge military expenditure can be sustained today is because it can suck blood from the world through the US dollar.
And can the United States stop this? Can't.
Because American hegemony is essentially the enslavement of 300 million people in North America to more than 6 billion people in the world. At the beginning, only dealing with Afghanistan and Iraq caused the United States to be dragged into the quagmire of war. Not to mention that the United States is engaged in frontal conflicts with Iran and Russia. It can be defeated, but the economic price paid is impossible for the United States to bear.
If the United States wants to fight Iran, it must wage a medium-to-large war, and the economy must collapse.
The United States wants to fight Russia? Humans may be gone.
The United States is going to fight China? Can't even think about it!
The U.S. can only exert extreme pressure on China. Today's U.S. industrial chain is highly bound by China and cannot be separated from China at all, so I can't even think about it! Take a look at Tesla’s Shanghai factory. The largest manufacturing and market are in China. American capitalists are unwilling to hit their own feet. Of course, their determination to suppress China’s trade is firm, but they will never dare to go to war.
Syria is Iran’s younger brother, and is currently supported by Iran. If Syria collapses, Iran will be the next one.
In other words, Syria is the forefront of the US's iron triangle against China, Russia, and Iran.
Even Syria has not collapsed, and the China-Russia-Iraq Iron Triangle will naturally not collapse.
The reason why the United States is bound to fail is because it cannot contain these three countries at the same time.
3. The fruitful results of the diplomatic mission
Let's take a look at the substantive results of this China-Iran exchange (quoting, Direct News):

1. China will increase investment in Iran's energy facilities and infrastructure construction related to people's livelihood (including: railways, ports, oil fields, communication base stations, and 5G construction) to enhance Iran's overall national strength.
China’s dividends: Iran has a population of 80 million, and China makes another trade market, making it more international; at the same time, Iran is the weakest in the iron triangle, so it faces the most direct conflicts with the United States. To enhance Iran’s power is to let Iran Become more resistant to fighting, delay the dispersal of American power as much as possible, and buy time for China's rise.
Iran’s dividends: access to Chinese goods and materials, break the international blockade, and improve the infrastructure, the economy will regain blood, and the lives of the people will be much better.
Last year, Western media frantically discredited the "China-Iran 25-year strategic agreement" on Twitter.
When China's infrastructure construction has really landed in Iran, the Iranian people will naturally feel the benefits of cooperating with China and increase their friendship with China.
2. Petroleum settlement and trade exchanges between China and Iran will use Chinese yuan and China's newly launched digital renminbi for settlement, avoiding U.S. dollar settlement, and China will receive a stable and preferential supply of conventional oil.

China’s dividends: the beginning of the internationalization of the renminbi is also the beginning of cutting off petrodollars, obtaining a large amount of preferential energy supply and stable trade channels, reducing the threat of being blocked by the United States.
Iran’s dividend: oil can be exported to China in large quantities, and a large amount of renminbi income can be obtained. The US blockade has actually been invalidated, and it has more power to stabilize its country and sphere of influence. At present, the Syrian government forces and Iraq are the younger brothers of Iran, and the older brother will be even harder when he has money. The pressure on the United States to suppress Iran has suddenly increased.
3. Iran's missiles will be guided by China's "Beidou" global positioning and navigation system.
Although Iran has worked very hard to become independent, it cannot achieve the independence of the entire industrial chain like China. Therefore, many missiles can only rely on the US GPS, which has a great impact on Iran's national defense and security. Now using China's Beidou navigation technology, it can quickly locate the world, and further enhance the ability to resist the United States.
After the signing of this agreement, Iranian ambassador to Brazil Jaliba even tweeted that the partnership between Iran and China will lay the foundation for a new "world order" with a high degree of respect for Eastern values.
This sentence is a bit exaggerated. Well, it's not an exaggeration. After all, the elephant is getting bigger and bigger, and one day it will not be able to hide.
to sum up

1. You spread rumors that I am Xinjiang, and I will be friends with the Islamic world right away.
This agreement was signed by Foreign Minister Wang Yi after he visited Saudi Arabia under the Western hype of Xinjiang. Saudi Arabia is a Sunni power in the Islamic world and has publicly expressed its support for China’s Xinjiang. Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s subsequent visit to Iran proved that not only Sunnis, but Shi’ite Iran also supports China’s Xinjiang. The two major powers in the Islamic world have already expressed their disbelief in Western rumors about the Xinjiang issue. The Western hype about Xinjiang is in fact complete bankruptcy.

The Islamic world does not believe that there are problems with human rights in Xinjiang. What are you instigated by the West? I heard that the United States said that China has no friends? We really don't engage in spheres of influence, and we don't raise a bunch of dogs, but we have many friends who develop peacefully and live together on an equal footing! You must know that Saudi Arabia and Iran are opposed, and sectarian conflicts are serious. As a result, both sides support China and are good friends with China. Both sides buy Chinese weapons to defend peace... Never underestimate the emotional intelligence of our Chinese family!

2. You spread rumors that I am Xinjiang, I will unload your dollar thigh.
Iran will become China’s first shot against petro-dollars. At the same time, because the West is exerting extreme pressure on Iran, it is not that Iran never thought of falling to the West, but the West completely blocked Iran’s hope. It should have been China’s For those seeking Iran, now Iran is being blocked by the West. There is nothing to do except embrace China. That is, the Western blockade has helped China to buy Iran and get a friend at the most suitable price.
With regard to the shameless suppression of the West, I can only say that you are blocking countries that want to be independent! The more the blockade is, the more these countries will turn to China and be friends with us, thanks!

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