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How can I better express "I reject the idea that my son should follow my father's surname" to my boyfriend and the other's family?

There is a big pillar in the living room of my house, which completely takes up the space in a corner. I really want to take it down. It looks a lot more spacious, but it cannot be taken apart. The thing is load-bearing! In order to look good for a while, there will be an earthquake, and my family will be completely gone. The same is true for culture. No cultural responsibility comes in a vacuum.

Let me talk about one thing first. The role of mother is a natural attribute, and the role of father is a social attribute. The two are not the same concept. Mammals are almost inseparable from their mothers (nonsense must be breast-feeding, or they will be extinct early), and there are very few fathers, only animals with higher socialization. The mother is congenital, and the father is acquired. If a man has not been influenced by social culture since he was a child, he will not have the sense of responsibility as a father. He will run away when he is finished, just like a primitive man. The probability of having a child without a father can be seen at a glance by comparing black people with low cultural attributes and Chinese people with 5,000 years of cultural attributes. To put it bluntly, the title right is a load-bearing wall of cultural responsibility. This series of load-bearing structures that you don’t like supports this cultural building. If you knock down the load-bearing wall, you don’t want to enjoy this building anymore. The comfort.

I said, nothing comes out of thin air. When the building loses its load-bearing structure, it is only a matter of time before it collapses. I have been observing women’s rights for several years, and found that many women have a serious problem in their thinking. They are unwilling to understand the maintenance of the foundation. When the foundation disappears and the superstructure collapses and disappears, they will start to complain, why The superstructure disappeared? ? ? There are no big sisters in the sky. If you think that American culture is too heavy and you want freedom, you can go to Africa, where it is a cultural desert, and you can experience the most primitive nature for granted.

It took our ancestors thousands of years and layers of methods to tie the man into the family. Men’s nature is to mate everywhere, not to take care of women and children. Many American women seem to think that men are born to be considerate to women, take care of pregnancy, and raise children. Sorry, this is an illusion brought to you by the American cultural environment. Please refer to Africa for the real nature of men. The 26 English letters are the basis of the entire English system. Do you know how many English words will disappear after only one letter is removed?

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