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Have you seen the foreshadowing of "Game of Squid"?

Foreshadowing 1: At the beginning of the game One, Two, Three, Wooden Figures, other people were so confused when they saw this situation, and even panicked. Only the old man quickly entered the state with a happy smile on his face. This was also when the old man behind was leaving. "The audience cannot experience the happiness of the participants"!

Foreshadowing 2: When the wooden man was standing, he was scanned by electronic detective equipment. When scanning the old man, there was no infrared ray irradiating him, which also implies that the old man has a special identity and may be a non-player NPC.

Foreshadowing 3: When the players learn that only the number of players can win more bonuses, the players begin to calculate and kill each other at night. This is a situation where the old man cannot know the game content in advance and his life and death is difficult to control himself. Therefore, the first night, he will just turn off the lights. He climbed to the highest point to protect himself, and when he found danger, he asked for help outside the court in time, because he knew that the person in charge outside would definitely protect him. When the old man shouted "I am afraid, we will die if this continues" from a high place, the off-site person in charge immediately suspended the game to ensure the old man's safety. When others yelled to let me out, the people in the monitoring room were not moved, which formed a sharp contrast.

Foreshadowing 4: In the game, when people are guessing what game will be in the next round, Shangyou said that these seem to be games when they were children, very old games, and these old men are very good at them. The content of these games is set. It echoes with the last announcement that the old man is the last boss.

Foreshadowing 5: When teaming up with a double pinball team, the old man knew that there would be a single person. He thought that there was no one to choose at his age, so he reserved himself as a border man. However, he didn't expect that in the end Han Meili would be the only one. This plan fell through and he had to participate in the game. He was going to win the hero, but he played stupid to let the hero win. He didn't seem to be so afraid of death. The reason was that he knew that his men would not kill him, so he gave the promotion place to the hero.

Foreshadowing 6: Actually, these six games were drawn on the wall opposite the iron bed where everyone gathered in the first episode, but everyone didn’t pay attention. Everyone paid attention to the big golden pig on top of their heads, which also reflected the theme of this play, too. Too much pursuit of wealth often misses more important information.

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